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Which of the following is not evidence that charophytes are the closest algal relatives of plants?

the present of chloroplasts

Which of the following characteristics of plants is absent in their closest relatives, the charophyte algae?

the alternation of multicellular generations

In plants, which of the following are produced by meiosis?

Haploid spores

Microphylls are found in which plant group?


Select the correct statement about charophytes, a taxon of green algae.

Charophytes and land plants share three distinctive traits

Which of these facts provides the best support for the hypothesis that plants evolved from green algae?

The chloroplasts of plants and green algae all have both chlorophyll a and b.

Select the correct statement about plant life cycles.

At some point in the life cycle of all plants, the sporophyte is dependent on its gametophyte parent.

Select the correct statement contrasting gametophytes and sporophytes.

Sporophytes are diploid, whereas gametophytes are haploid.

Select the correct statement about the life cycle of a fern.

Plant gametophytes are haploid multicellular bodies.

To what extent does Pleurozium affect nitrogen availability in northern forests of different successional ages?

Pleurozium had little effect in the first 40 years after a fire, but its impact increased over time. In successionally older forests, more nitrogen was added by nitrogen fixation than was deposited from the atmosphere.

Suppose an efficient conducting system evolved in a moss that could transport water and other materials as high as a tall tree. Which of the following statements about "trees" of such a species would not be true?

Females could produce only one archegonium.

Which term below is the proposed kingdom that would include embryophytes and charophytes?


The closest algal relatives of land plants are _____.


Which of the following traits was most important in enabling the first plants to move onto land?

the development of sporopollenin to prevent the desiccation of zygotes

Seedless plants include _____.

bryophtyes, lycophytes, ferns, whisk ferns, horsetails

The diploid generation of the plant life cycle always _____.

produces spores

In seedless plants, a fertilized egg will develop into __________.

a sporophyte that releases haploid spores

Most bryophytes, such as mosses, differ from all other plants in that they _____.

lack true leaves and roots

In contrast to bryophytes, in vascular plants the dominant stage of the life cycle is the _____.


What evolutionary development allowed plants to grow tall?

lignified vascular tissue

During the Carboniferous period, forests consisting mainly of _____ produced vast quantities of organic matter, which was buried and later became coal.

ferns and other seedless plants

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