Chapter 28 Kennedy and Johnson Years

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Physical manifestation of Germany’s political division

Berlin Wall

Military strategy relying on both traditional and specialized units

flexible response

revolutionary leader who instituted a communist regime in Cuba

Fidel Castro

President Johnson’s social welfare plan

Great society

president Kennedy’s vision for American

New Frontier

program to provide basic health care to poor and disabled Americanss


group that investigated Kennedy’s assassination

Warren Comission

Legislation that banned discrimination based on race or sex

Civil rights movement

Strategy used by president Kennedy to improve the economy

Deficit spending

John F. Kennedy’s opponent in 1960

Richard M. Nixon

The alliance for the progress provided what kind of assistance to Latin American countries?


As the result of the Cuban missile crisis, Khrushchev

lost political support

As a result of the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty,

nearly forty countries ended above ground nuclear tests.

What did President Kennedy’s domestic agenda primarily fight?


Which of these was a result of the Equal Pay Act?

Employment practices became fairer

The Warren Commission concluded that

Lee Oswald acted alone in Kennedy’s assassination

From his time in Congress, Johnson was known for his skills in


Why was the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 necessary?

Existing American immigration policies were discriminatory

Encouraged fair employment practices

Equal Pay Act

Included the project Mercury flights

Space Race

Investigated Kennedy’s assassination

Warren Comission

Kennedy’s domestic agenda

New Frontier

Technique to stimulate the economy

Deficit spending

One component of president Kennedy’s New Frontier was

Equality for all Americans

How did President Kennedy initially approach civil rights policy?


What effect did the Cold war have on the American space program?

competition with the soviet union spurred American space missions

After the assassination, president Kennedy was succeeded by

Lyndon Johnson

The warren commission determined that

president Kennedy’s assassin acted alone

Kennedy’s military policies encouraged more funding for

the special forces

what was the outcome of the alliance for progress?

relations between the united states and Latin America improved

The bay of pigs invasion was attempt to overthrow

Fidel Castro

Kennedy prevented completion of missile bases in Cuba by approving a

Naval blockade

The purpose of the civil rights act was to

Fight discrimination based on race and sex

Which of these groups benefited from the Elementary and Secondary Education Act?

Inner city schools

What was one result of the Great Society?

The lives of many under privileged Americans improved

The Warren Court often made rulings that

supported civil liberties

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