Chapter 28

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Life magazine’s ideal woman of the mid-1950s was:

having babies.

Houses in Levittown in the early 1950s all sold for just under:


One of rock and roll’s most important contributions was to:

bridge class and racial divisions.

The youthful rebels known as the Beats:

favored road trips, Buddhism, and jazz

Which of the following is NOT true of the GI Bill?

Its huge cost did not justify its benefits.

All of the following countries were physically devastated during World War II EXCEPT:

the United States.

By the mid-1950s, an increasing number of workers:

did mental rather than physical labor.

The baby boom:

In regard to New Deal programs, Eisenhower:

retained most programs and even expanded some.

By 1960, about 65 percent of Americans:

belonged to a church.

The years after World War II witnessed a second Great Migration.


Most blacks who moved to the North were fleeing terrible poverty in:

the rural South.

Before becoming president, Eisenhower was most shaped by his experience in:

the military.

By the 1950s, suburban life was marked by an increasing:


While college enrollments soared in the postwar period:

black veterans encountered barriers to entrance.

The Beats took their name because of their pervasive sense that society had beaten them, or triumphed over their spirits.


With the end of World War II, women workers were encouraged to:

give up their jobs to returning veterans.

The postwar era witnessed economic depression and falling social contentment.


In the Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas, decision, the Supreme Court:

struck down "separate but equal" in public education.

In which state was the first Levittown located?

New York

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