Chapter 27 Quiz MUSI 2730

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A melody that is stated backward is said to be in _____.


Harpsichord strings are struck with hammers to generate sound.

false, its strings are plucked with quills and it does not have a sustained tone like the piano does

How many preludes and fugues make up the collection in J. S. Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier?


J. S. Bach’s most comprehensive example of contrapuntal writing is his _____.

Art of Fugue

Keyboard players in the Baroque era often improvised in performance.


Organs have more than one keyboard.


The first section of a fugue is called the _____.


The harpsichord is unable to sustain sound the way that modern pianos can.


The piano was the main keyboard instrument in the Baroque era.

false, the organ and the harpsichord were

The sections of a fugue that do not contain the subject are called _____.


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