Chapter 21

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Which type of intelligence is usually MOST valued during high school and college?


Major stressors and daily hassles _____.

can impair cognitive functioning

Natalie is asked by her daughter to help with making a list of all the presidents of the United States for a school project. In order for Natalie to help her daughter she will need to rely on _____.

crystallized intelligence

Practical intelligence is supported by _____.

experience and flexibility

In which of these situations would an individual MOST likely engage in religious coping?

when diagnosed with stage 4 cancer

All of the following contribute to the development of expertise EXCEPT _____.


Expert thought is _____.

intuitive, automatic, strategic, and flexible

Randy is 60 years old and realizes that his reading speed and eyesight are not as robust as they were when he was younger. He still enjoys participating in book club, which requires a new book to be read every week. In order to participate, Randy now listens to the books on tape. Randy is using _____ in order to participate in the book club.

selective optimization with compensation

Betty is a retired registered nurse who fills in at the local hospital when the staff is in need of nurses. She is frequently called in without advance notice and must take over without any time to get oriented. Betty must rely on what Sternberg calls _____ intelligence in order to grasp the expectations and needs of the situation.


The process of turning to faith as a method of coping with stress is referred to as _____.

religious coping

A college student who does well on multiple-choice and essay exams likely is high in _____.

analytic intelligence

When developmentalists use the term "expert," they usually mean a person who _____.

specializes in activities that are personally meaningful

The basic intelligence that makes learning quick and thorough is referred to as _____ intelligence.


When students take multiple-choice exams, they are using the form of intelligence that Sternberg calls _____.


With which coping style do people try to attack a stressor in some way?


The Mullers have just had a baby. Both parents must now adapt to the new demands of caring for an infant. This will require the form of intelligence that Sternberg calls _____.


The expert artist, musician, or scientist is creative and curious, deliberately experimenting and enjoying the challenge when things do not go according to plan. This suggests that their thinking is more _____.


Donna was just diagnosed with cancer. She has started drinking heavily and keeps moving doctors’ appointments further away in time. Donna is engaging in _____ coping.


When the thought required for an action has become routine, and it appears that most aspects of the task are performed instinctively, the performance of the task is _____.


Sally learned that she did not get a promotion at work because she did not have enough completed projects. If she chooses to engage in problem-focused coping to deal with this stressor she will _____.

work to complete more projects

The research design that involves testing groups of subjects of different ages multiple times and comparing their scores with their own scores in previous periods in addition to the scores of new groups of adults of the same ages is called _____.

cross-sequential research

The benefits of _____ intelligence in adult life are obvious, as adults need to solve real-world challenges.


When Alice needs to figure out how to host a work party for 100 employees with a modest $100.00 budget, she needs to be innovative and imaginative. In order for Alice to host a successful work party she will need to use _____.

creative intelligence

Which statement about fluid intelligence is TRUE?

It is quick and flexible.

Ken is a highly skilled electrician and Gwen is his new apprentice. When unexpected problems occur as they work on complex wiring projects, the MOST critical difference between their approaches in successfully completing the job is _____.

Ken’s automatic processing

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