Chapter 20 Virtualization, Linux, and Mac OS X

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What operating system is based on OPEN SOURCE code?


What type of virtualization should you deploy to provide a VIRTUAL DESKTOP INFRASTRUCTURE?


What KEYPRESS SEQUENCE is used to open the Force Quit window on a Mac?

Command+option+esc (COSEC)

What statement regarding TYPE ONE hypervisors is accurate?

They are called BARE METAL hypervisors

What command below is used to TEST NETWORK connections by sending a request packet to a host?


A BOOTABLE Linux USB flash drive or CD that can be used to repair system issues is known by what term?

Live CD

What occurs when LINUX encounters an ERROR rom which it cannot recover?


When using Mac OS X, what gesture can be used to SHOW THE LAUNCHPAD?


Swiping up with three fingers on Mac OS X launches what?

Mission Control

On Linux, where are the commands required for system ADM stored?


What command can be used to COPY AND CONVERT, directories, partitions, and even entire DVDs or hard drives?


What user account is known as the system administrator or SUPER user account?


What is the name of the OS X built-in backup utility?

Time Machine

What is the main advantage of using a THICK CLIENT?

Can be used for PURPOSES OTHER than server-side virtualization

How much drive space should be available for each virtual machine on a system?

20 GB

What might be required to set up a virtual machine such that hardware is virtualized and presented to the VM, including such devices as a virtual processor, memory, motherboard, hard drive, optical drive, keyboard, mouse, monitor, and other components or peripherals?


What Linux distribution is considered a CUTTING EDGE distribution?


What command lets you VIEW THE CONTENTS of a file?


If you need to REDIRECT THE OUTPUT from a command, what symbol should you use?


In order to BREAK OUT of a command or process on a terminal, what keys should you press?


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