Chapter 2 (Stress)

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The branch of the autonomic nervous system that is activated when a person is exposed to a stressor is the _______________ nervous system


The majority of migraine sufferers are


Which of the following would NOT be helpful to you in attempting to improve your productivity?

focus on long-term goals only

All of the following are TRUE regarding the fight-or flight response, EXCEPT

it is a relatively new human adaptation

An example of a resilient person would be

a low-income student graduating from college

Peak concentrations of the levels of stress hormones in the bloodstream occur

during the final stages of sleep

Unrealistic expectations are a type of _______________ stressor


Mohammed just received an F on his term paper. Which type of stress is he likely to experience?


The long-term wear and tear of the stress response has been termed

the allostatic load

The personality type associated with relaxation and contemplation is

type B

Which of the following would be the LEAST effective strategy for coping with stress?

denying the reality of the stress

Which one of the following is a stressor?

bad grade

Stress has been found to contribute to which of the following psychological problems?

all of the choices are correct

The way in which an individual responds to stress is influenced by

All of these influence the way an individual response to stress


is stress that is triggered by something pleasant.

New technologies can be

all of the above

The biggest single time-management problem for most people is


According to your text, which of the following are common sources of stress for most college students?

academic demands and time management concerns

During the stress response, the human adrenal glands release


Tom is very anxious about an upcoming exam. He has no appetite, is easily distracted, and has a headache. In what stage of the general adaptation syndrome is Tom?


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