Chapter 18- Foreign and Defense Policy

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George W. Bush, Barack Obama

The war in Iraq began under __________ and ended under __________.

remove the Taliban-led government

One of the primary purposes of the war in Afghanistan was to __________.

Department of State

Which Cabinet-level department has primary responsibility for U.S. foreign policy?

to implement military policy

What is the primary responsibility of the Department of Defense?

to give the president independent advice about foreign and military policy

What is the role of the national security advisor?

the leaders of the armed forces

Who serves on the Joint Chiefs of Staff?

the director of National Intelligence

Who heads the U.S. intelligence community?

the United Nations

Which international organization was created after World War II at the urging of the United States?

women’s rights

One highly visible element of U.S. foreign policy in recent years has been the pursuit of __________ and empowerment

Osama bin Laden trained some of the terrorists in Afghanistan.

What role did Afghanistan play in the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks?

the United States

Which of the following countries is a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council?

the United States

Which of the following countries is a member of NATO?

reunified with the North

After the Paris Peace Agreement, when U.S. forces withdrew from the Vietnam War, South Vietnam was __________.

The United States instituted the Marshall Plan to benefit Eastern Europe.

Who instituted the Marshall Plan and who benefited directly from it?

the collapse of the Soviet Union

What event marked the end of the Cold War?


According to the "How Big is the World’s Stockpile of Nuclear Weapons?" feature box, which of the following countries has the most nuclear weapons after the United States?


According to Figure 18.2, who is the largest trading partner with the United States?

the spread of communism

What was the foreign policy of containment designed to prevent?

to provide peacetime collective security for the United States and Western Europe

Why was the North Atlantic Treaty Organization formed?

the president

Who has the ultimate authority and control over U.S. foreign and military policy?

the Vietnam War

The United States engaged in which of the following military conflicts in order to prevent the spread of communism?

to help rebuild Europe after World War II so that it would be less vulnerable to communist

What was the main purpose of the Marshall Plan?

The war lasted longer than the Bush administration expected

Which of the following accurately describes the war in Iraq?


What is the primary responsibility of the secretary of state?


What is the primary responsibility of the secretary of state?

military policy

What is the primary responsibility of the secretary of defense?

nuclear capabilities

What is the main foreign or defense policy threat posed by Iran?

The United States has focused on policies of democratic enlargement to promote expansion of
democracies and free markets throughout the world.

Which of the following best describes the United States’ policy as a superpower since the end of World War II?

Iraq, along with North Korea and Iran, was a threat to American security interests.

Which of the following was a fundamental part of the George W. Bush administration’s case for the 2003 war in Iraq?

Soviet Union

Which of the following countries would have been most opposed to the policy of containment?

China and India

Which of the following countries have posed challenges to the United States in recent years because of their economic growth and global influence?

ratify treaties

Congress can exercise influence over foreign policy through its power to __________.

the National Security Council

Which of the following is comprised of a broad array of the president’s foreign policy advisors and is housed within the White House?

the Central Intelligence Agency

Which of the following has as its primary responsibility conducting surveillance about the inner workings of countries across the world?

Defense industry interest groups have too much influence over U.S. foreign and defense policy.

What is the most common critique of the militaryindustrial complex?


Free trade agreements are designed to prevent which of the following?

a country’s refusal to intervene in an armed conflict between two other countries

Which of the following is most consistent with the foreign policy of isolationism?

the National Security Council

During a rapidly developing national security crisis, who is the U.S. president most likely to turn to for advice?

Congress can reduce appropriations for executing the president’s foreign and defense policy

What can Congress do to influence foreign and defense policy if it is not satisfied with the way the president has handled foreign policy?


Which of the following is most consistent with the concept of diplomacy?

trade policy

In which of the following areas is the United States most likely to become embroiled in a dispute with China?

by moving a manufacturing plant from the United States to Mexico, where labor is cheaper

Because of NAFTA, an American business owner may be able to save money through which of the following?

the secretary of defense

Which of the following would the president be most likely to consult to determine the best way to use the military to destroy North Korea’s nuclear capabilities?


Terrorists are most likely to target which of the following?

Secretary of State Clinton’s visit to Africa to address members of the small-business program in

Which of the following is an example of the exercise of America’s soft power?

the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Which of the following is the president most likely to consult with for advice about how to best take advantage of the strengths of the various service branches when conducting a military operation?

stockpile additional nuclear weapons in the United States

During the height of the Cold War, what would the United States likely have done if it had discovered that the Soviet Union had previously unknown stockpiles of nuclear weapons?


Which of the following would George Washington most likely approve of?

Each agency controls its own budget and does not always share its intelligence with the other
agencies in the intelligence community

Why is it difficult to coordinate the work of the various intelligence agencies that comprise the U.S. intelligence community?

It has been driven by the threat the countries pose to the United States.

How has U.S. foreign policy in Iran and North Korea been similar for much of the past decade?

Terrorism is typically designed to instill fear in the general public.

How is terrorism different from traditional military force?

It was a tense period of time without much use of direct combat.

Why is the adjective cold used to describe the Cold War?

to increase the number of markets readily available for American goods

Why did the United States join the North American Free Trade Agreement?

because the United States actively inserts itself into world affairs

Why are isolationists dissatisfied with contemporary U.S. foreign policy?

China is a large market in an increasingly global economy

Why has the United States taken a keen interest in China in recent years?

Diplomacy is less likely to lead to war.

Why is diplomacy often preferred over use of the military to settle foreign policy disagreements?

The president has a larger group of foreign and defense policy advisers.

Why is it easier for the president to influence foreign and defense policy than it is for Congress to do so?

The September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks revealed flaws in the way the U.S. intelligence
community operated.

Under the George W. Bush administration, Congress reorganized the intelligence community and created a new position known as the director of National Intelligence. Why did Congress do this?

secretary of state

Which of the following is most likely to have the greatest influence over U.S. foreign policy?

nuclear ambitions

What is the most serious common threat posed to the United States by both Iran and North Korea?

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