Chapter 17 Install-Config Windows Server 2012R2

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What policy setting enables you to specify group membership lists, allowing you to control membership in important groups, such as the local Administrators and Backup Operators groups?

Restricted Groups policy

What is the simplest way to deploy a security template on several computers simultaneously?

Importing the security template into a GPO

How are most Group Policy settings applied or reapplied?

At the refresh interval

What are the two interfaces for creating and managing local user accounts a computer joined to the domain?

User Accounts control panel and the Local Users and Groups snap-in for MMC

When does Windows apply Computer Configuration policies by default?

When the computer starts up

What are the key benefits of security templates?

Apply consistent, scalable, and reproducible security settings throughout an enterprise.

What tool for creating new users is only valid while the Windows Server 2012 R2 computer is part of a workgroup and not joined to an AD DS domain?

User Accounts Control Panel

You create a GPO that contains computer settings, but not user settings. What can you do to quicken GPO processing?

You can disable the setting area that is not configured for faster processing.

What is the default size for each of the three Event logs?

16,384 KB

Computer Configuration node security settings include several security areas. Which of the following is NOT one of them?

Wireless Network Policies (IEEE 802.3)

When would you need to create a user account through Control Panel?

When you join a computer to an AD DS domain, you can create new local user accounts with the Local Users and Groups snap-in. Control Panel is used when the computer is not a member of an AD DS domain.

What impacts the types of logs and events logged on a server?

Roles installed

When does Windows apply User Configuration policies by default?

As the user logs in

What is the purpose of the Audit Policy section of a local GPO?

Administrators can log successful and failed security events, such as loss of data, account access, and object access.

What are the three primary event logs?

Application, Security, and System

What tool for user creation provides full access to all local user and group accounts on the computer?

Local Users and Groups snap-in

What is a collection of configuration settings stored as a text file with an .inf extension?

Security template

What are the two categories of security settings within Group Policy? Select two answers.

User, Computer

During the Windows Server 2012 R2 installation, what account creation prompts you for the password?


What are the two interfaces available for creating and managing user accounts in Windows Server 2012 R2?

User Accounts control panel and the Local Users and Groups snap-in for MMC

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