Chapter 16- The Endocrine System

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They have ducts

Which of the following is NOT representative of endocrine glands?


Which of the following is NOT an endocrine gland?


Steroid hormones are synthesized from amino acids


Water-soluble hormones are metabolized quickly by the liver

The presence of a specific hormone receptor

What allows a cell to respond to a hormone?

Intracellular receptors

Which of the following is NOT characteristic of water-soluble hormone?


The hypothalamus is known to conrol the activity of the thyroid, which has traditionally been called the master endocrine gland.


What is the name for the type of hormone, secreted by the pituitary that regulates other endocrine organs?


The benefit of using a second messenger signaling system is rapid speed of communication.

Thyroid-stimulating hormone

Which of the following hormones stimulate an increase in basal metabolic rate as a tropic hormone?

Adrenocorticotropic hormone

Which of the following hormones is stimulated by stress?

Antidiuretic hormone

Which of the following hormones helps the body avoid dehydration and water overload?


Which of the following exhibits an antagonistic relationship?


Which of the following glands increases blood calcium levels?

Cushing’s Syndrome

Which of the following adrenal gland homeostatic imbalances is characterized by persistent elevated blood glucose levels, dramatic losses in muscle and bone protein, and water and salt retention, leading to hypertension and edema?

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