Chapter 16 Meandering Along- Controls on Stream Shape and Discharge

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Which of the following features are generally NOT associated with mountain streams and rivers?


Which of the following is commonly associated with tributaries?

all of these

Where do mountain streams get most of their load of sediment?

landslides, slope failures, and erosion of the mountain sides

Which of the following is NOT associated with many braided streams?

cutoff meanders

Which of the following is the main reason that a delta forms when a stream flows into a lake or sea?

the velocity of the stream decreases

What are some effects of building a dam?

the reservoir (lake) traps sediment that over time fills up part of the reservoir

Which of the following can have a significant effect on a river?

all of these

Formation of entrenched meanders can result from a:

low-gradient river followed by downcutting

Which of the following is properly called a flood?

if water spreads out over the floodplain

Which of the following influences whether a flood occurs?

all of these are influences

Which of the following accompanies urbanization (replacing farms and open areas with cities)?

runoff occurs more quickly and produces a higher peak flow

What is the most important data for studying the potential for flooding along a river for several decades into the future?

discharge data from stream gauges

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