Chapter 16 geology

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deposition in bedrock channels occur along river banks and behind obstacles as

water velocity decreases

which of the following is not a common site for deposition of sediment


which of the following features are generally not associated with mountain streams and rivers


which of the following is a condition favoring deposition of sediment

a decrease in gradient of the stream

narrow canyons are formed when

downward incision is faster than widening of the canyon by erosion

what is a drainage divide

a ridge or strip of high ground separating one drainage basin from another

in which location would a geologist look for a stream confined to a single channel

gentle plains

a hydrograph shows the

change in a rivers discharge over time

the feature formed when a river dumps its sediment near its mouth is called a


what is the mostly likely setting for this drainage pattern

the area has folded or faulted rocks with different resistances to erosion

where would be the relatively safest place to build a bridge across the stream in the accompanying figure?

between points 5 and 6

what type of stream is shown in this figure

a stream that lacks point bars

which of the following profiles does not match its position on the stream


these are formed when a steep drainage enters a broad valley and the sediments and debris are deposited

alluvial fans

which particles of sediment are most likely to be transported as suspected load

small low density particles

which of the following sediment sizes is likely to be transported mostly on the bottom of the stream bed

pebbles and cobbles

smaller subsidiary channels that feed main channels of rivers


when a river enters a lake or an ocean, it slows down, losing its capacity to carry sediments, forming


which of the following is not a characteristic of a braided stream

constant flow

what is point bar

a sandbar deposited along the inside of stream meanders due to lower velocity

what is the pattern of discharge shown by the hydrograph

discharge quickly and gradually decreases

what can you conclude by comparing the left and right hydrographs, each of which depict the same amount of time

the left diagram has a higher peak discharge

the end of the river is the


which of the following is unlikely to cause deposition of sediment along a stream

a drop in sea level

the profile of a stream is steeper at its


construction of a dam results in

increased erosion by clear water released from the dam

which of the following is true about the base level of a stream

most streams have lower gradient close to their base level

what is the term for small, shifting channels that carry water away from the main river channel and distribute it over the surface of the delta


a depositional feature that has been deposited on the inside of a curve because of lower velocity is known as

point bar

which of the following features can be formed by deposition along a low gradient stream

point bar

when meander scars are filled with water, they are called

oxbow lakes

what is the type of stream transportation by a series of short leaps or bounces off the bottom of the streambed?


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