Chapter 16 Floating, Bouncing, and Sliding Down the River- Sediment Transport along a Stream

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A delta forms when:

a river slows and deposits sediment as it enters a lake or sea

Which of the following is true about how a stream erodes material?

abrasion is concentrated on the upstream side of obstructions

The size of clasts that a stream can carry is primarily controlled by:

the velocity and turbulence of the current

Which of the following sediment sizes is likely to be transported mostly on the bottom of the stream bed?

pebbles and cobbles

Which of the following is true about transport of sediment in a stream?

Sediment that is deposited within a stream bed is unlikely to be transported again.

Which of the following is a condition favoring deposition of sediment?

a decrease in gradient of the stream

Which particles of sediment are most likely to be transported as suspended load?

small, low density particles

Which of the following typically decreases downstream in a river?

maximum sediment grain size

What does a profile of a river from its headwaters to its mouth typically show?

a curved shape that flattens out downstream

Which of the following can influence a stream’s profile?

all of these

Which of the following is NOT a common site for deposition of sediment?


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