Chapter 16 – Evidence for Evolution- A Fish with Fingers-

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Which of the following statements regarding the dating of fossils is FALSE?

Fossils can be dated using a microscope to examine tissue.

Which of the following scenarios would be LEAST likely to result in a fossil?

a jellyfish that dies and slowly floats to the bottom on the ocean

Which of the following changes in the evolutionary history of horses is documented by the fossil record?

a gradual decrease in the number of toes

Why are fossils generally going to be more useful for studying animals that lived in or near water (e.g., streams, lakes, oceans, etc.)?

because dead animals that fall into water are more likely to be in conditions that allow fossilization

Which of these characteristics would be expected to apply to a transitional fossil?

It should have some similarity to species that lived before it. It should have some similarity to species that lived after it.

The Tiktaalik fossil, which dates back 375 million years, is considered a transitional fossil because __________.

it displays features found on both aquatic and land-dwelling species

Which of the following sequences places Tiktaalik in the correct evolutionary order?

lobe-finned fish, Tiktaalik, tetrapods

Which of the following features did Tiktaalik possess that were not possessed by earlier vertebrates?

a flexible wrist

Why did Shubin and Daeschler specifically travel to Ellesmere Island to hunt for fossils?

because the rocks on this island are of the right age to contain important transitional vertebrate fossils because no other paleontologists had searched for fossils on that island

What can we learn about vertebrate evolution from Tiktaalik that we did not know before?

how vertebrates evolved tetrapod limbs

The variation in shape and function of the forelimb in tetrapods is a result of __________.

evolutionary adaptations to different environments

The forelimb of a chicken and a primate contain many of the same bones arranged in the same order. This is an example of _______.


Although all organisms share the same four nucleotides, it is the _______ of these nucleotides that makes each species unique.


Organism XYZ has a DNA sequence of GGTATAGAGT. By examining the sequence of nucleotides below, determine which organism is most closely related to organism XYZ.


Which of the following can be used by scientists to understand evolution?

molecular data the study of anatomy developmental homology fossil records

Why do some portions of DNA function as a kind of evolutionary clock when comparing two different species?

because mutations will accumulate over time

How is it possible for homologous structures to look very different when comparing two different species?

because those species may have been exposed to different environments during their evolution because those species may use the structures for very different purposes because those two species may be separated by millions of years of evolutionary his

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