chapter 16

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The ultimate source of energy that drives wind power is __________.

The sun

A typical wind farm in the United States consists of __________.

many very large wind turbines clustered in a region with a low human population

The year 2030 goal set by the US Department of Energy is to generate __________.

20% of electricity using wind-powered systems

Electricity in a wind turbine is generated __________.

when spinning magnets move past a coil of copper wire

Producing electricity using wind instead of fossil fuels __________.

generates no carbon dioxide in the process

The United States generates more electricity from ________ than from any other renewable energy source.


What is an example of an energy source that is renewable and has less environmental impact than fossil fuels?


Recently, how has Germany reduced its dependence on fossil fuels?

by utilizing the feed-in tariff system

Why is renewable energy use growing?

There is increasing concern over the environmental impacts of fossil fuel combustion.

How is the sun’s energy production different from the process in which energy is produced in current nuclear power plants?

The sun releases energy through nuclear fusion, whereas our current nuclear power technology releases energy through nuclear fission.

Passive solar energy collection includes which of the following technologies?

buildings designed and building materials chosen to maximize their direct absorption of sunlight

What is the reason that solar power provides for so little of our energy needs?

The upfront cost of installation can be very steep.

Wind turbines convert the wind’s __________ energy into electricity.


Which of these statements is not true of wind power?

Wind turbines take up large amounts of land that is then unsuitable for other purposes

How is wind energy related to solar energy?

Wind energy is the result of the sun’s producing wind.

What sort of threat does wind energy pose to certain kinds of wildlife?

Flying creatures such as birds and bats are killed when they fly into wind turbine blades.

What is the greatest limitation for the use of geothermal power?

It is restricted to regions where we can tap energy from naturally heated groundwater.

What happens to unused electricity generated by solar panels on a home? The extra electricity is __________.

sent back into the electrical grid for others to use

Where would you most likely find a solar thermal power plant in the United States?

in the southwestern states

The major problem impeding the widespread use of solar panels on residential buildings is the __________.

cost of solar panels

Massive solar thermal power plants generate electricity by __________.

using sunlight to boil water, generate steam, and turn the blades of a turbine

What sort of process converts the mechanized energy in the ocean into electricity?

wave energy

What is the process behind tidal energy?

the difference between high and low tides

Hydroelectric power accounts for approximately how much of the world’s electricity production?


Why is there little to no growth expected for hydropower?

Almost all rivers that can be dammed for power generation have been dammed already.

What is the ultimate energy source for biomass (also known as biomass energy)?

sunlight through the process of photosynthesis, in which the chemical potential energy of biomass originates

How is cellulosic ethanol different from traditional corn-based ethanol?

It can be made from the nonfood portions of plants and from wood.

While hydrogen energy holds promise, the fact is that hydrogen is an energy __________, not a primary energy __________.

carrier, source

What is the basis for the use of hydrogen fuel cells?

It is extremely energy-efficient.

What is electrolysis?

the splitting of water into component hydrogen and oxygen

What two waste products are produced by hydrogen fuel cells?

water and heat

Which of the following is an advantage of using visible light in this process as compared to UV light?

Visible light makes up the majority of the sun’s rays.

The N-alkyl-aminoterephthalates are most comparable to which of the following in plants?


You are the CEO of a company that creates solar panels using this technology. Which of the following is the solar fuel that is produced?

Formate and foramides

If this technology progresses in its current form, which of the following metals will be necessary for the metal-organic framework?


Which of the following would need to be altered in order to change this technology to make use of different wavelengths of light?


Which of the following energy sources do not generate substantial greenhouse gas emissions when used to generate electricity?

solar, wind, and nuclear

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