Chapter 15~ Sociology

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Which of the following is NOT true of the sociological perspective on religion?

Religion is a symbol of high culture

Which two words did Emile Durkheim use to distinguish between religious objects and non-religious objects?

Sacred; profane

What correlation between religion and society did Max Weber see and study?

Religion was very influential over the economy and the habits of workers.

Which position describes Karl Marx’s view of religion and society?

Religion simply kept the Proletariat in their low social class

Some believe that religion is important because it adds meaning to people’s lives ad provides answers to difficult questions. A sociologist following which theory would agree with this statement?

A structural functionalist

You are interested, like Durkheim, in how ordinary objects become sacred. Which theoretical approach will help you most in analyzing the data you collect?

Symbolic interactionism

A sociologist studying how religious beliefs become so deeply rooted in people that they can hate people of other religions probably is:

Conflict theorist

Roberto has just moved to a new city. He does not know anyone but he wants to find a mosque where he can practice Islam. Which theory will Roberto use, either consciously or subconsciously, to make a decision?

Rational choice theory

Sanchita worships three different and separate gods. Her religion falls into which category?


T/F: The four basic rules of Buddhists are called Noble Truths.


When Hildegard visited a Church of Christ, she realized just how similar their practices and beliefs are to her regular denomination of choice, the Episcopalian Church. These similarities probably mean that the Church Christ is:

A sect within the Christian faith.

If someone who follows the teaching of Confucius mentions the word jen, they are referring to:

A teaching that everyone should be treated kindly

T/F: There are 3 pillars that are essential to the Islamic faith.


Megachurches have become popular in certain parts of the United States. Where else in the world are megachurches widely popular?

South Korea

The __ records Jewish interpretations of the __ which is their sacred text.

Talmud; Torah

When Rosa and Sergei realized that the poor were being elected in their city, they mobilized the members of their synagogue to send letters to the government asking them to fix the growing rate of poverty, or at least, fund the citizens so they might help their neighbors. This is an example of:

Liberation theology

What did Marx and Freud see as the downfall of religion that would lead to the secularization of society?

Modernization of society

On any given day, there is often a story about prayer in schools in the news. For decades people have disagreeing over the constitutionality of prayer in schools. This controversy is a great example of the tension between:

Church and state

Many people are familiar with the yin-yang symbol. From which religion does this come?


Which text is considered sacred to Christians of all sects?

The Bible

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