Chapter 15 – Reviewing the basics

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How many bits are in a MAC address?

48 bit

How many bits are in an IPv4 IP address? In an IPv6 address?

32 bit, 128 bit

How does a cllient application identify a server application on another commputer on the network?

Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol

What are IP addresses called that begin with 10, 172.16, or 192.168?

private IP addresses

In what class is the IP address

Class B

In what class is the IP address

Class C

Describe the difference between public and private IP address. If a network is using private IP address, how can the computers on that network access the Internet?

The IP addresses available to the internet are called public IP addresses. A company conserves its public IP address by using private IP addresses that are not allowed on the internet. A computer using a private IP address on a private network can still access thhe Internet if a router or other device that stands between the network and the Internet is using NAT Network Address Translation.

Why is it unlikely that you will find the IP address on the Internet?

The IP address is a private address. Private addresses are for internal networks only and require NAT (Network Address Translation) to access the internet.

In Figure 15-9, the subnet mask is four notches tall and is considered a classless subnet mask for this network of sticks. How many notches tall would be a classful subnet mask for the same network?

If no DHCP server is available when a computer configured for dynamic IP addressing connects to the network, what type of IP address is assigned of, what can you assume about how it received that IP address?

It uses an Automatic Private IP Address APIPA

If a computer is found to have an IP address of, what can you assume about how it received that IP address?

Class B address First 2 octets for network Last 2 octets for host or subnet

What are the last 64 bits of a IPv6 address called? How are these bits used?

Interface ID These 64 bits or 4 blocks uniquely identify an interface on the local link

Name at least three tunneling protocols that are used for IPv6 packets to travel over an IPv4 network.


How is an IPv6 IP address used that begins with 2000::? That begins with FE80::?

Global unicast Link-local unicast

How many bits are in the Subnet ID block? What are the value of these bits for a link-local IP address?

16 bits FE::/64

Which type of IPv6 address is used to create multiple sites with a large organization?

unique local unicast address

What type of server serves up IP address to computer on a network?


Which TCP/IP protocol that manages packet delivery guarantees that delivery? Which protocol does not guarantees delivery, but is faster?


At what port does an SMTP email server listen to receive email from a client computer?

port 25

Which protocol does a web server use when transmissions are encrypted for security?


What type of server resolves fully qualified domain names to IP addresses?

FQDN fully qualified domain name

Which email protocol allows a client application to manage email stored on an email server?


What type of protocol is used to present a public IP address to computers outside the LAN to handle requests to use the Internet from computers inside the LAN?


Which protocol is used when an application queries a database on a corporate network such as a database of printers?


What type of encryption protocol does Secure FTP SFTP use to secure FTP transmissions?

Variation of SSH

What two Windows a applications use the RDP protocol and port 3389?

Windows Remote Desktop Remote Assistance utilities

Which version of 802.11 technologies can use two antennas at both the access point and the network adapter?

802.11n MIMO – 2 or more antennas to improve performance

Which wireless encryption standard is stronger, WEP, WPA?


When securing a Wi-Fi wireless network,, which is considered better security: to filter MAC addresses, use encryption, or not broadcast the SSID?

use encryption other two weak

Would you expect WPS to be used when wireless network is using strong security, weak security, or no security as in a public hotspot?

strong security

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