Chapter 15 Pre-Quiz

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The collection of _______ in a population constitutes that population’s gene pool.


The proportion of alleles present in a gene pool is called the __________ and is an important tool in measuring evolutionary changes.

allele frequency

In a population of 75 mice, what would be the size of their gene pool for a particular gene?


In a population of 100 mice, if the recessive allele frequency is 0.25, how many copies of the recessive alleles are found in the population?


Which of the following does not influence allele frequencies in a population?

-natural selection -mutation -genetic drift -the bottleneck effect

Inbreeding can lead to a decrease in genetic diversity and __________.

inbreeding depression

Which of the following is not an example of adaptive evolution?

-founder effect -mutation -gene flow -bottleneck

Darwin’s finches came from a mainland species where some individuals were able to move to the islands and then spread from one island to another. What effect did the initial movement to the Galápagos do to the genetic diversity of the first finches to colonize the islands, and why did it have this effect?

It decreased their genetic diversity because this represents and example of genetic drift.

You examine a population and note that its allele frequencies for a particular gene are p = 0.55 and q = 0.45. If you come back and examine the population after several generations and found that the values for p and q have not changed, which of the following statements is FALSE for this gene?

The population is evolving

If you examine a population for a particular gene where B represents the dominant allele and b represents the recessive allele, you find that the allele frequencies for this gene are p = 0.3 and q = 0.7. If this population is not evolving, what would be the frequency of the heterozygous genotype?


Which of the following situations would represent a situation that reduces the effect of genetic drift?

The population is very large

If you examine the gene pool of a population that is evolving due to genetic drift, what do you predict will occur with the allele frequencies?

There is no way to tell how p or q will change

Which of the following conditions can lead to two populations becoming different species?

-Individuals in the two populations mate at different times -Individuals in the two populations have significant genetic differences from one another -A barrier to gene flow exists between the two populations

The offspring produced between the mating of a tiger and a lion, a liger, which is unable to reproduce, is an example of which form of reproductive isolation?

hybrid infertility

In addition to the beak differences, which of the following indicates the finches found in the Galápagos Islands have experienced speciation?

They can no longer interbreed

Which of the following statements is FALSE?

The 13 different species of finches flew to the Galápagos Islands and separated themselves in response to different food environments.

All of Darwin’s finches came from a single species with a "normal" beak. Which of the following factors can explain the development of the variety of beaks seen in these finches today?

-Different mutations in beak shape occurred in different populations of finches -Different food sources on each island selected for different beak shapes on each island -Genetic drift resulted in different islands having different allele frequencies for the genes controlling beak shape

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