Chapter 15 Cardiovascular Health

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How many chambers does the heart contain?

c. Four

The largest artery in the body is the?

c. Aorta

The small blood vessels that connect the arteries are the?

c. Capillaries

All of the following cardiovascular disease risk factors can be changed EXCEPT?

c.Family history of cardiovascular disease.

Individuals who are most vulnerable to early onset of cardiovascular disease include all of the following EXCEPT?

c.Individuals with low cholesterol levels

smoking harms the cardiovascular system in all of the following ways EXCEPT?

D. Decreasing plaque formation

Sustained high blood pressure is known as?

C. Hypertension

The cutoff point for blood pressure at or above which an adult is diagnosed with hypertension is?

C. 140/90

A blood pressure reading of 130/86 is classified as?

B. Prehypertension

Atherosclerosis is?

C. The thickening of artery walls by deposits of fatty substances.

the lipoprotein that draws cholesterol out of the walls of the arteries and returns it to the liver for recycling is?

a. HDL

the national cholesterol education program recommends that all adults, beginning at age 20, have their lipoproteins measured at least once every?

d. 5 years

which of the following combinations would place someone at greatest risk for cardiovascular disease?

c.low HDL and high LDL

what is thought to be the closest thing we have to a magic bullet against heart disease?

c. exercise

exercise alters blood fat levels by?

c. raising HDL levels

evidence suggest that after a heart attack the risk of _________ rises?

b. diabetes

diabetics also have higher rates of?

a. hypertension (high blood pressure)

all of the following increase risk for cardio vascular disease except

c. high educational attainment

what is the number one killer of American women?

c. heart disease

African Americans have a high rate of cardiovascular disease because of all of the following factors except?

c. a diet high in calcium

which of the following is associated with metabolic syndrome?

b. insulin resistance

high uric acid levels in the blood may cause all of the following except?

d. diabetes

if an artery in a limb is blocked it causes?

c. PAD

when a coronary artery becomes blocked, the result is?

a. a heart attack

damage to the heart muscle because of lack of blood supply is called?

a. myocardial infarction

most deaths from heart attacks occur within _____________ from the onset of symptoms?

c. 2 hours

which of the following is a treatment for heart disease?

b. balloon angioplasty

a hemorrhagic stroke may occur as a result of?

c. an aneurysm

rheuamatic fever is a disease process that begins with?

c. strep throat

increasing which nutrient can help lower blood pressure?

d. potassium

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