Chapter 15 ART

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creating figures and settings with an increased naturalism

Duccio and Giotto were two artists whose innovations in ________ greatly influenced Renaissance painting styles. a. basing their works on religious traditions b. creating figures and settings with an increased naturalism c. Gothic sculpture d. exploring classical subject matter

Romanesque; Gothic

The art and architecture of the high Middle Ages is generally divided into two periods, the ________ and the ________. a. Renaissance; Gothic b. Gothic; Carolingian c. Romanesque; Carolingian d. Romanesque; Renaissance e. Romanesque; Gothic

their stained glass windows.

Gothic cathedrals are known especially for a. their idyllic French countryside locations. b. rounded arches and symmetrical towers. c. their stained glass windows. d. their heavy Romanesque walls.


The cross-shaped floor plan of a church is formed by the combined shapes of the nave and the a. clerestory. b. apse. c. aisles. d. transept. e. narthex.

a flattened, abstracted style of art.

Unlike their Greek and Roman predecessors, Byzantine artists preferred a. None of these answers is correct. b. a flattened, abstracted style of art. c. a natural, more realistic art. d. re-creation of daily life in their art.


The ________ is the walkway directly in front of a church that serves as the entry porch. a. apse b. nave c. clerestory d. narthex e. transept

large windows of stained glass.

All the following are features of Romanesque architecture EXCEPT a. overall massiveness. b. round arches. c. thick stone walls. d. large windows of stained glass.

They serve as reminders that one is entering a sacred space.

What purpose is served by the carved figures that adorn the entryways at Chartres Cathedral? a. They are purely decorative, serving no real purpose. b. They form a narrative, but are purely decorative. c. They form a narrative, telling the story of Sainte Foy. d. They serve as reminders that one is entering a sacred space. e. They are structural, holding up the archways above the doors.

architecture and sculpture

The transition from Romanesque to Gothic style can be seen in the ________ at Chartres Cathedral. a. sculpture b. mosaics c. architecture d. reliquaries e. architecture and sculpture

ruler of all.

The term pantokrater, used in the title of the mosaic Christ as the Pantokater, is Greek for a. holy. b. ruler of all. c. gentle. d. awe-inspiring. e. savior.

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