Chapter 14 – Review Questions

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1. What test does startup BIOS perform when you first turn on a computer to verify it can communicate with essential hardware devices?

The BIOS (Basic Input-Output System) loads a ROM (Read-Only Memory; a chip that stores permanent bootup instructions) that performs a POST (Power-On Self-Test) when the computer is first powered on, or when the CPU (Central Processing Unit) is soft reset via a triple fault or an untrapped reset command through the keyboard port (by sending the value 254 to the hardware port 100). The POST checks to make sure that there is system memory, and usually at least one drive device (disk or hard drive), and all the other various parts that make up the core functionality of the computer

2. Where is the partition table on a hard drive found?

Most of the time the boot partition and the system partition are the same partition on the drive C.

3. Is the BootMgr file stored in the boot partition or the system partition?

system partition

4. Where is the master boot record (MBR) located?

The master boot record is always located at cylinder 0, head 0, and sector 1

5. What is the name of the Windows 7 boot loader program? Where is the program located?

winload.exe – c:\Windows\System32

6. What is the name of the Windows 7 kernel program?

Ntoskrnl.exe, and its located in c:\Windows\System32 folder

7. What is the name of the program that manages Windows logon?


8. Which registry hive is loaded first during Windows startup?

The System Registry Hive

9. Where does Windows store device driver files?


10. During Windows 7 startup, how can you know when the Windows kernel has loaded successfully?

when you see the windows logo

11. Blue screen errors happen when which type of processes encounter an error?

when processes running in kernel mode encounter a problem and Windows must stop the system.

12. What method can you use to test memory on a Windows XP system by using the Windows 7 Memory Diagnostics tool without having to install Windows 7 on the system?

You can use the Windows DVD by booting from the disc, select Repair your computer, and select Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool.

13. What is the command to use the System File Checker to immediately verify system files? To verify system files on the next restart?

sfc /scannow

14. Which key do you press to launch the Advanced Boot Options window during Windows startup?


15. A blue screen error halts the system while it is booting, and the booting starts over in an endless loop of restarts. How can you solve this problem using the Advanced Boot Options screen?

By booting the system in safe mode, going to My Computer Properties and selecting the advanced tab and changing the Startup and Recovery settings

16. What can you assume about the Windows 7 startup when you see the Windows 7 flag on-screen?

You can assume the Power On Self-Test (POST) has produced no problems.

17. When is the Windows startup process completed?

The Windows startup process is officially completed when the Windows desktop appears and the wait circle disappears.

18. At what point in Windows startup are the settings that are called the Last Known Good Configuration saved?

Last Known Good Configuration is saved each time a user logs on.orRegistry settings collectively called the Last Known Good Configuration are saved in the registry each time the user successfully logs onto the system.

19. What command in Windows RE can you use to rebuild the BCD file?


20. What command in Windows RE gives you the opportunity to manage partitions and volumes installed on the system?


21. Which log in Event Viewer only tracks errors and warnings?

Administrative Events log

22. If you are having a problem with a driver, which of the following is the least invasive solution: update the driver or use System Restore?

Update the driver

23. What are the three stages of the Windows 7/Vista startup process?

Windows Boot Manager (bootmgr)File, Windows boot loader (winload.exe) File and the Boot Configuration Data (BCD) File.

24. What is the name of the log file and its location that were created when you enabled boot logging from the Advanced Boot Options startup menu?

Ntbtlog.txt – Stored in C:\windows

25. What information is contained in the C:\Windows\System32\LogFiles\SRT\SRTTrail.txt file?

The Startup Repair process of Windows

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