Chapter 14 Practice – IT Found.

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What is the name of the 32-bit or 128-bit number that is used to identify a device on a network?

IP Adress

The ability to send and receive transmissions at the same time on an Ethernet cable is referred to by what term?

full duplex

What protocol makes a connection, checks whether the data is received, and resends it if it is not?


What two protocols are used for remote access to a server, using unencrypted and encrypted transmissions respectively?

telnet & SSH

True or False: When using static IP addressing, software automatically configures the network connection on each device.


True or False: The User Datagram Protocol (UDP) guarantees delivery of data to its destination.


What functions as the name of a wireless network?


Unicast addresses include what types of addresses? (Choose all that apply).

Global address & link-local address

True or False: The Telnet protocol encrypts transmitted data, which therefore cannot be read by others on the network.


What wireless networking radio frequency yields faster speeds but offers shorter range?

5 GHz

Packets are delivered to a single node on a network when using what type of IPv6 address?

unicast address

True or False: The current release of SMB is CIFS, also called SMB2.


The Remote Desktop and Remote Assistance applications utilize what port for remote access?


What two terms are used to describe the User Datagram Protocol (UDP)?

connectionless protocol & best effort protocol

What two protocols are used to deliver mail messages?


What command can be used to display IP addresses assigned to all network connections on a system?


If the computer you are using is a laptop that moves from one network to another, what tab can be used to configure a secondary configuration, such as a static IP if a DHCP server cannot be reached?

Alternate Configuration

Match each item

1)assigns an IP address to a computer when it first attempts to initiate a connection to the network

2)a command that can be used to display the TCP/IP configuration

3)a technique designed to conserve the number of public IP addresses needed by a network

4)commonly used by Linux to pass sign-in information to a remote computer and control that computer over a network

5)a protocol used by various client applications when the application needs to query a database

6)designed to make it easier for users to connect their computers to a wireless network when a hard-to-remember SSID and security key are used

7)identifies a computer and the network to which it belongs, such as

8)protects data by encrypting it from the time it leaves a remote computer until it reaches a server on a corporate network, using a technique called tunneling.

9)A group of computers on a peer-to-peer network that are sharing resources

10)Used by a computer or other device to determine if an IP address of another computer is on its network or another network

1)DHCP server 2)ipconfig 3)Network Address Translation (NAT) 4)Secure Shell (SSH) 5)Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) 6)Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) 7)Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) 8)virtual private network 9)workgroup 10)subnet mask

What command can be used to flush the local DNS cache on a Windows computer?

ipconfig /flushdns

What TCP port is utilized by an SSH server listening for connections?


What type of device can be used to block unwanted traffic initiated from the Internet and can also restrict Internet access from an internal network?


The solution for securing private data traveling over a public network, such as the Internet, is the use of what type of network?

virtual private network (vpn)

How are IP addresses available to the Internet classified?


What device handles access to another network for a client computer if it does not have a better option?

default gateway

How is the network portion and the host portion of an IP address identified?

subnet mask

If a device does not receive an IP address from a DHCP server, the device may resort to what kind of IP address?


Originally developed by IBM, what protocol is used by Windows to share files and printers on a network?

Server Message Block (SMB)

What functions might be provided by a SOHO router besides the normal duty of routing packets between networks? (Choose all that apply).

firewall & wireless access point

What cell phone technology is the most popular in the United States?


What type of IP address is configured by a server when a device first initiates a connection to the network?


True or False: A problem with virtual networks is that data transmitting through them cannot be encrypted and therefore is not secure.


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