Chapter 14- Information Technology Careers

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What’s a common axiom for Information Technology professionals?

Know the Business

Applying IT to an existing process like printing & distributing is called what?

Value Added

Name two types of IT professionals.

Service & IT Consultants

Which IT job is considered "board-level?"


What job used to be called "IT Director?"


Which IT job is the highest paid?


Who’s in charge of software application development teams?

Head Application Developer

What does the acronym SDLC stand for?

System Development Lifecycle

What’s often called a blueprint for developing applications?


What computer programming & software connects the components an applications architect designs?


Who categorizes data requirements?


Which IT professional works with Sarbanes-Oxley?

IT Auditor

Which IT professional works with LANs & WANs?

Network Administrator

Who makes sense of an organization’s data to make business decisions?

BI Analyst

What does the acronym ERP stand for?

Enterprise Resource Planning

Which is an ERP advantage?

Increased Production

What’s an ERP disadvantage?


What’s a standardized visual modeling language for developing computer software?


What’s the first step in UML?

Use Case Scenario

What step in UML illustrates how computer processes relate with each other?

Sequence Diagrams

Which System Development Methodology takes the most time?


Which System Development Methodology creates vaporware?


Which step in SDLC includes a feasibility study?


If the Concept Development phase in SDLC fails, what’s the next step?


Which System Development Methodology is considered "develop as you go?"


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