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The hyperalgesia that is common in phantom limb pain could be blocked if a new drug was developed that could prevent (without triggering any side-effects) the ______.

diffusion of calcium ions through NMDA receptors

The first level of neural integration in the somatosensory system is the __________ level.


__________ do NOT exhibit the property of adaptation.

tonic receptors

Why might an individual experience the phenomenon known as "referred pain"?

Visceral pain afferents travel along the same pathways as somatic pain fibers.

Which structure is involved in the segmental level of motor control?

spinal cord

Choose the FALSE statement about nerves.

The majority of a nerve’s bulk is due to axons

CNS nerve fibers lack the intrinsic capacity to regenerate, while PNS nerve fibers are able to regenerate.


Which of the following cranial nerves carries only sensory information?


Which cranial nerve transmits information about our sense of equilibrium?


The majority of the cranial nerves attach to the __________.

brain stem

Hiccups could occur if there was irritation or damage to the ______.

motor branches of ventral rami associated with the C3-C5 region of the spinal cord

In carpal tunnel syndrome, there may be tingling and numbness in the thumb due to compression of the ______.

cutaneous branches of the median nerve

Damage to the ulnar nerve could result in the inability to ______.

flex the wrist

If "wrist drop" were to appear, there would also be an increased probability of ______.

inability to extend the forearm

A herniated lumbar disc could interfere with ______.

skin sensations from the lateral thigh skin sensations from the medial thigh adduction of the thigh

Sciatica has no direct affect on ______.

control of the adductor longus

What type of nerve fibers are found in the ventral ramus of a spinal nerve?

both sensory and motor

The primary nerve that controls breathing is found in which nerve plexus?


Spinal nerves are all classified as __________.

mixed nerves

The phrenic nerve serves the __________.


In carpal tunnel syndrome, the __________ is compressed.

median nerve

The thickest and longest nerve in the body is the __________.

sciatic nerve

What parts of the brain ultimately plan and coordinate complex motor activities?

cerebellum and basal nuclei

Somatic reflexes activate __________.

skeletal muscle

A knee-jerk reflex that is unusually strong may be caused by ______.

transmission of excitatory signals from the brain to the neurons that form the femoral nerve

Which reflex is important for maintaining muscle tone?

stretch reflex

Which reflex is triggered when a stranger suddenly grasps your arm?


The knee-jerk reflex is an example of a __________.

stretch reflex

Which of the following does NOT occur as people age?

peripheral nerves die off

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