Chapter 13-14 Art Appreciation Quiz-Exam

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A ____ is a person with supernatural powers, believed to be a bridge among the human, animal, and spirit worlds.


Satyrs were men with ____ attributes and were prone to drunkenness and sexual excess.

Goat or horse

Gardens were very popular among the ruling class of ____.

All of the above

The ancient Greeks created woman-headed birds called ____.


The bouquets Dutch artist Jan Bruegel painted never existed in real life.


The unicorn became a symbol for ____.


Robert Smithson created earthworks because ____.

He was interested in moving his art outside the gallery system

Contemporary ____ are large-scale environmental pieces in which the earth is an important component.


Chris Ofili, a British artist of Nigerian descent, often uses elephant ____ in his art.


Animals appear in art in every culture.


In Assyrian culture, the king would kill lions in a public spectacle, called the royal lion hunt, to show his courage and illustrate his power.


The European painter John Constable painted his large landscapes outdoors from direct observation.


____ are metaphors for humans in Thai, Hindu, and Buddhist art.


Flowers were often symbols for the Christian religion in earlier times; for example, the iris represented ____.


Ashurbanipal II Killing Lions is an example of ____ relief carving.


The Incan civilization in Peru produced huge animal drawings by scraping the desert floor to reveal the lighter-colored sand beneath it.


Inspiration for Chinese and Japanese ____ paintings often came from poetry or the beliefs of Daoism, which held nature in high esteem.


Unicorns were first described in ancient Greece and Rome.


Invented by the Greeks, ____ are man-headed horses known for their lustfulness.


John Constable’s works, while Romantic in essence, were the foundation for the ____.


Lightning Field is regarded as a(n) ____ piece, since most people have seen it through photographs rather than in person.


The Impressionist artist ____ was well known for his paintings of natural scenes such as water lilies and haystacks.

Claude Monet

Popular in late medieval literature, the ____ is a horse with some goat features and a long, single horn projecting from its forehead.


Visitors to the Zen Garden of Contemplation in Japan are expected to ____.

Sit still and meditate

Bull jumping was a popular sport in the ancient Minoan culture.


The ultimate purpose of visual culture is to record the language of visual media so that images have a universal meaning regardless of nationality or culture.


The Sydney Opera House owes a stylistic debt to the architecture of ____.

Frank Lloyd Wright

____ culture refers to the production, use and dissemination of images and visual objects, particularly in industrial and postindustrial nations.


Ancient Greek comedies and tragedies were originally part of ritual festivals dedicated to the deity Dionysos.


Located in the middle of Manhattan in New York City and designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux, ____ is considered to be an outstanding example of landscape architecture.

Central Park

Rome’s Colosseum was built on the site of an artificial lake where a colossal statue of Emperor Nero once stood.


The Mayan’s ritualistic ball sport has similarities to the contemporary game of ____.


The North American Sioux Open Circle Dance celebrated ____.


Western theater began as a form of worship of the god ____.


Central Park was designed to be a(n) ____ from city life.


The cascading vaults of Joern Utzon’s Opera House in Sydney are intended to suggest ____.


In ancient Greece, art galleries were frequently near temple complexes.


A modern theatrical puppet performance on Broadway is ____.

The Lion King

In the Cycladic Islands off Greece, sculptures of ballplayers, musicians, and acrobats were found buried in graves.


The ultimate purpose of visual culture is to record the language of visual media so that images have a universal meaning regardless of nationality or culture.


The posters of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec were influenced by ____.

Japanese prints

Animation grew out of ____, in which a series of drawn images seem to move as book pages are flipped rapidly.

Flip books

____ is the academic discipline that investigates visual media and its effect on entertainment, information, political power, and social structures.

Visual culture

Frank Gehry’s architectural works usually lack ____.


The opening ceremonies for the Olympic games is an example of ____ — a public exhibition on a grand scale.


____ is a relatively early form of animation which uses clay sculptures that are moved and photographed in tiny increments.


In 1927, ____ was/were added to motion pictures.


Visual culture is an area of academic study that deals with the totality of images and visual objects produced in ____, and the ways that those images are disseminated, received, and used.

Industrial and postindustrial nations

____ art is a visual art form that incorporates live action and mixed media and is presented before a live audience.


Matthew Barney’s Cremaster I references Busby Berkley musical productions from 1930s’ Hollywood films.


In Japan, flowers are viewed as a vehicle for greater understanding, and ____ is considered an important art form, on the level of painting, calligraphy, and pottery.

Flower arranging

Pear Blossoms is a lyric painting by Qian Xuan that is accompanied by ____.

Lines of poetry

As seen in the Theater at Epidauros designed by Polykleitos, the Classical Greek ideal shape was the ____.


Roman imperial baths, such as the ____, had libraries, art galleries, restaurants, bars, and gymnasiums and offered theater performances, public lectures, and athletic contests.

Baths of Caracalla

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York is architecturally engineered to display paintings and sculptures at their best.


In areas of Peru and Bolivia, the ____ is highly regarded because it can signify weather changes and can predict rainfall.


Landscapes were popular in China and Japan because ____.

Cities were noisy, polluted, and crowded

Popular in the United States and Europe in the 1960s, the ____ movement experimented with patterns to affect visual perception.

Op Art

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