Chapter 12 A+ Applications

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If you have an overly confident user on the phone, what is a good practice?

compliment the user’s knowledge, insight, and experience

The System Restore utility can be started from command line using what executable?


What application can be used to set Windows 8 to boot into Safe Mode while still in Windows?


What can you do if you suspect an application requires more privileges than the currently logged-on account?

use the Run as administrator shortcut menu option

What command will open the Memory Diagnostics utility?


What command will unregister a component when run?

regsvr32.exe /u

What console can be used to enable, disable, start, or stop a service?


What is a good practice when working with a customer on site?

limit use of your cell phone to work-related calls

What is defined as a record of a call for help with a computer problem?


What is the last step in the six step troubleshooting method covered in this chapter?


What piece of equipment is NOT a tool that would be considered appropriate equipment for on-site visits?


What should be done before any changes are made to a system that is experiencing a problem?

backup data

What should be done if a system cannot boot from the hard drive?

Boot from the Windows setup DVD

What should be entered at a command prompt in order to scan all system files?

sfc /scannow

What should you do after a problem has been resolved at an on-site service call?

if you changed anything since the last boot, reboot one more time

What should you do when you have a customer that is frequently complaining about your company, products, or services?

allow the customer to vent for a while and apologize as necessary

When working with a computer illiterate user over the phone, what is NOT a good practice?

before proceeding with the call, tell the customer to put someone else on the line

When working with co-workers and supervisors, which of the following is a good practice?

be professional by putting business matters over personal matters

Which of the following involves assigning a problem to those higher in the support chain?

problem escalation

You can quickly identify a problem with memory or eliminate memory as the source of a problem by using what tool?

Memory Diagnostics

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