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The president’s constitutional roles, such as chief executive and commander in chief,

have expanded in practice to be more powerful than the writers of the Constitution intended

The Whig theory holds that the presidency

is a limited office whose occupant is confined to the exercise of expressly granted constitutional powers

The president’s role in foreign policy increased largely because

America became more of a world power

Which of the following is true of the vice presidency?

The Constitution assigns no executive authority to the vice president

The primary election as a means of choosing presidential nominees

has been used more extensively in recent decades, such that the candidate who dominates the primaries can usually expect to receive the nomination

The selection of the vice presidential nominee at the national convention is based on the

presidential nominee’s choice of a running mate

Which of the following did the framers want from a president

Administration of the laws. National leadership. Command of the military. Statesmanship in foreign affairs.

The presidency was created by Article ________ of the U.S. Constitution


According to the U.S. Constitution, if no one candidate receives a majority vote of the Electoral College, who chooses the president?

the U.S. House of Representatives

Which of the following is a formal constitutional requirement for becoming president?

must be a natural-born citizen

Whereas today candidates rely on the media, previously they based their campaigns on the

party organizations

Which of the following is true of the president’s veto power?

The veto is as much a sign of presidential weakness as of strength, because it arises when Congress refuses to accept the president’s ideas

The presidency is an

office in which power is conditional, depending on whether the political support that gives force to presidential leadership exists or can be developed

A president’s accomplishments have largely depended on

whether circumstances favor strong presidential leadership

The honeymoon period occurs during

the first part of a president’s term

The forced removal of a president from office through impeachment and conviction requires action by the

House and Senate in separate proceedings

Congress authorized an official impeachment investigation of

Bill Clinton

When George W. Bush claimed the prerogative to not enforce those portions of a bill that he deemed unconstitutional, he did so using a technique for extending executive power known as the:

signing statement

States that apply the unit rule

grant all their electoral votes as a unit to the candidate who wins the state’s popular vote

If the president vetoes a bill:

the veto can be overridden by a two-thirds vote in both the House and Senate

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