Chapter 11 Pharmacology

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A 31 year old female is experiencing an acute asthma attack. She is conscious and alert, but in obvious respiratory distress. After assisting her with her prescribed MDI, you should?

Reassess the pt and document her response to the medication.

Shortly after assisting a 65- year old female with her prescribed nitroglycerin, she begins complaining of dizziness and experiences a drop of 30 mm Hg in her systolic blood pressure. The pt remains conscious and her breathing is adequate. You should?

Place her in a supine position.

The amount of medication that is given is known as the ?


Which of the following statements regarding glucose is correct?

Glucose is a simple sugar that is readily absorbed by the bloodstream.

Which of the following statements regarding parenteral medications is correct?

PArenteral medications are absorbed more quickly than enteral medications.

Medications encased in a gelatin shell that are taken by mouth are called?


Which of the following medication routes delivers a drug through the skin over an extended period of time, such as nitroglycerin or nicotine patch?


Nitroglycerin when given to patients with cardiac-related chest pain:

Relaxes the walls of the coronary arteries

How is nitroglycerin usually given by the EMT?


Nitroglycerin relieves the squeezing or crushing pain associated with angina by:

Dilating the arteries to increase the oxygen supply to the heart muscle.

A 74-year-old woman complains of heaviness in her chest, nausea, and sweating that suddenly began about an hour ago. She is conscious and alert but anxious. Her BP is 144/84 mm Hg and her heart rate is 110 bpm. She took two of her prescribed nitroglycerin (0.4mg tablets) before your arival but still fels heaviness in her chest. You should?

Recall that geriatric pts often have slower absorption and elimination times, which may necessitate modification of the dosing of certain drugs.

Epinephrine acts as a specific antidote to?


Aspirin is beneficial to pts suspected of having a heart attack because it?

Prevents the aggregation of platelets

A mucosal atomizer device (MAD) is used to deliver certain medications via the?

Intranasal route

Activated charcoal is an example of ?


The proper dose of a medication depends on all of the following except?

Generic substitutions

The process of binding or sticking to a surface is called?


The term "pharmacology" is MOST accurately defined as?

The study of drugs and their actions on the body.

While assisting a paramedic in the attempted resuscitation of a 55-year-old male in cardiac arrest, you should expect the paramedic to?

Administer drugs via the IV route to achieve the fastest effect.

You are dispatched to a state park for a young female experiencing an allergic reaction. Your assessment reveals that her breathing is severely labor and her blood pressure is very low. You carry epinephrine auto-injectors on your ambulance and have been trained and approved by your medical director to administer them. As your partner gives the pt supplemental oxygen, you attempt to contact medical control but do not have a signal from your cell phone. You should?

Administer epineprhine to the pt, begin immediate transport, and attempt to contact medical control en route to the hosptial.

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of epinephrine?

Decreases heart rate and blood pressure

Which of the following patient populations typically require modified drug dose?

Pediatric pts

You are treating a 45-year-old woman who was stung by a hornet and has a rash. She tells you that she is allergic to hornets and has her own epinephrine auto injector. She also tells you she takes medication for hypertension. Her breath sounds do not reveal any wheezing, her breathing is unlabored, and her bp is 154/94 mm Hg. What should you do if you are not able to make contact with medical control?

Begin transport to the hospital and closely monitor her condition while en route.

The medical term for an extremely low blood glucose level is?


Which of the following is an example of a generic drug?


Which of the following is an example of a rules-based medication error?

The EMT administers a drug that is not approved by the medical director.

Which of the following is required for an EMT to administer a drug to a pt?

Medical directors approval.

Which of the following medication routes would be the Most appropriate to use in an unresponsive pt when intravenous access cannot be obtained?


EMTs respond to a known heroin abuser who is unresponsive. IF they give naloxone (NARCAN) to this pt, the EMTs should recall that?

Naloxone administration could cause seizures in this pt.

A 62 year old male is seen with crushing chest pain, which he describes as being the same kind of pain that he had with a previous heart attack. He has prescribed nitroglycerin but states that he has not taken any. After administering supplemental oxygen if needed and contacting medical control, you should?

Assist him with his nitroglycerin unless his systolic blood pressure is less than 100 mm Hg

Which of the following statements regarding the epinephrine auto-injector is correct?

The epinephrine auto-injector delivers a preset amount of the drug.

After taking diphenhydramine (benadryl) for an allergic reaction, a person begins experiencing drowsiness and a dry mouth. These findings are an example of a (n):

Side effect

When assessing an elderly male who complains of nausea and generalized weakness, you find that he takes atovastatin (Lipitor) and amblodipine (Norsvasc). These medications suggest a history of?

Cardio vascular disease

An EMT may administer aspirin to a pt if?

Authorization from medical control has been obtained.

A 37 year old male is found unresponsive in his car. His airway is patent and his respiration’s are rapid and labored. As you and your partner are assessing and treating the pt, a police officer hands you a medication names Alupent which he found in the backseat of the pt’s car. This medication suggest that the pt has a history ?


What medication form does oral glucose come in?


Which of the following clinical signs would necessitate the administration of naloxone (NARCAN)?

Slow respiration

Oral Glucose:

Is placeed between the pt’s cheek and gum

In _______ administration, you are administering meds to yourself or your partner.

Peer assisted

The form the manufacturer chooses for a medication ensures ?

ALL ANSWERS ARE CORRECT the proper route of the medication the timing of the medication’s release into the blood stream the meds effects on target organs or body systems

Advil, nuprin, and motrin are all trade names for the generic medication:


What is the route of administration for the EpiPen auto-injector ?


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