Chapter 11 East Asia

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The term "China proper" refers to

The populous eastern half of China

What is the most mountainous region of China?


What type of climate does Taiwan have?

Mild winters

Wast Asia is located in roughly the same latitudinal zone as which of the following world regions?

North America

What environmental hazard is the most serious in Japan?


Korea is located on which type of landform?


Where would you find the mildest climate of East Asia?

Southeast China

How much of China’s total energy supply comes from burning coal?


Problems associated with the construction of the Three Gorges Dam included all of the following, EXCEPT

The diversion of two other major rivers to fill the Three Gorges reservoir

The Three Gorges Dam was constructed on which river in China?


Japan has a policy of self-sufficiency in which product?


In which part of East Asia would we find one of the most thoroughly anthropogenic landscapes in the world?

The North China Plain

Which writing system forms the basis for the writing throughout East Asia?


Confucianism stresses all of the following ideals, EXCEPT

The need for the aristocracy to serve in the bureaucracy

In which country of East Asia has Confucian philosophy had the LEAST influence?


All of the following statements about Mahayana Buddhism are true, EXCEPT

it is strongest in Southeast Asia

The Shinto religion is most closely associated with which country of East Asia?


About how many Chinese citizens are Muslim?

20-60 million

Who are the Ainu?

An ethnic minority in Japan

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of Han people?

They all speak the same language and dialect

During what era did the Chinese Empire reach its height?


After the Manchu Dynasty of China was toppled in 1911, which of the following developments did NOT occur?

Subsequent efforts to establish a unified Chinese Republic were successful within the following decade.

Which of the following countries did NOT have a sphere of influence in China in the 19th century?

United States

Which country in East Asia does mainland China still claim as an integral part of the Chinese nation?


What is the main reason that several countries in East Asia claim the island northeast of Taiwan

These island may hold petroleum reserves

Which country of East Asia recently acquired nuclear weapons?

North Korea

China’s "Great Leap Forward"

Led to a major famine as the government melted down peasants farm tools

China’s late-twentieth-century economic reform

led to the growth rates exceeding 10% per year

Which Chinese region has experienced the greatest recent economic expansion?

The provinces along the coast

What has been the consequence of China’s "one-child" policy?

Average total fertility rate has dropped to 1.6, but the number of baby boys far exceeds the number of baby girls because of gender-selective abortion and abandonment of healthy baby girls at birth.

Which parts of East Asia are considered SAR (Special administrative regions)?

Hong Kong and Taiwan

What does the mountains and plateaus provide Asia

Many large rivers

What percentage does the Han Chinese make up of China?


What did the Dalai Lama propose to Tibetans?


What is the official language of the peoples republic of China?


When was the Opium War?


Where do most people in Japan live?

In cities

What culture had the most influence on Japan?

Chinese culture

in 1868 Meji Restoration overthrew Tokugawa shogunate by

Young samurai

What is silk made from?


When was the Sino-Japanese War?

1894-1895 (Beginning of 50 year struggle for control over East Asia)

What did Japan win from the Sino-Japanese war?

Control over Formosa/Taiwan

What country owned Indonesia in 1900?

The Dutch (The Netherlands)

Who won the Russo-Japanese War from 1904-1905?


When did Japan annex Korea?


Who fled from Taiwan after the communists won in 1949?

The Guomindang

Who created Communist China?

Mao Zedong

What country has the world’s second largest economy?


What type of economic growth has China had since the 1970’s?


Where are special economic zones located in China?

Along the coast

Where do a majority of Chinese people live?


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