Chapter 11 & 12

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Windows Task Scheduler can be set to launch a task or program at a future time, including at startup.


There is no undo feature in the Registry Editor


The Home edition of Windows 7 do not include the Local Security Policy or Print Management.


The Windows shell is responsible for interacting with hardware


You do not have to be logged on as an administrator in order to use tools found in Computer Management.


Which registry key stores information that determines which application is opened when the user double-clicks a file?


Which Task Manger utility tab list system services and other processes associated with applications, together with how much CPU time and memory the process uses?


Which Windows utility can be used to find out what processes are launched at startup?

System Configuration

Which of the following is NOT a task you can perform with Task Manger?

Create a Process

Which Task Manger tab allows a user to see how much memory an application has allocated to it that is not available to other programs?

Processes Tab

Which Windows utility can be used to monitor the performance of the processor, memory, and hard drive and save the monitored data in logs for future use?

Performance Monitor

Where can a user find out more information about a hardware or network failure that occurred on that particular PC?

Event Viewer

Which Task Manager tab allows you to show processes from all users to verify no applications are running?

Processes Tab

Which Windows utility is used to control the Windows and third-party services installed on a system?

Services Console

Which Task Manager tab provides details about how a program uses system resources?


What is the term given to the individual tools in a console?


Which Windows utility gives information about problems and errors that happen over time?

Reliability Monitor

Which tool should you consult to find information about a device or service that failed to start?

Event Viewer

What is responsible for maintaining an index of files and folders on a hard drive to speed up Windows searches?

Windows Indexer

To find out if programs and services are slowing down Windows startup, boot the system in ______ and watch
to see if performance improves

Safe Mode

Which of the following utilities can be used accessed using the Computer Management window? (Choose all that apply)

Event Viewer & Performance Monitor

Which of the following are tabs found in the Windows Task Manager dialog box? (Choose all that apply)

Applications, Performance, & Processes

Which of the following is true about Performance Monitor? ( Choose all that apply)

Can save data in logs, can monitor in real time, & helps to identify bottlenecks

Which of the following types of events are logged by Windows and can be viewed using the Event Viewer?(Choose all that apply)

Information, Warning, & Error

A(n) _______ is caused when an application does not properly release memory allocated to it that it no longer needs.

Memory Leak

To Find out what changes were made to the system at a specific time use the _________.

Reliability Monitor

The Vista ______ appears on the Windows desktop to hold apps called gadgets.

Side bar

Windows 7/Vista ______ uses a flash drive or secure digital (SD) memory card to boost hard drives performance

Ready Boot

If an application is listed as ___________ in the Task Manager Application tab, you can end it by selecting it and clicking the End Task button at the bottom of the window.

Not Responding

The core of the OS that is responsible for interacting with hardware


Can be set to launch a task or program at a future time, including at startup

Task Scheduler

Evaluates key system components to give a higher-level view of the computer’s performance

Windows Experience Index

Lets you view the applications and processes running on your computer as well as information about process and memory performance, network activity, and user activity

Task Manager

A Windows tools useful for troubleshooting hardware or network failures, OS error messages, failed services and more.

Event Viewer

Appears on the Windows desktop to hold apps called gadgets

Vista Sidebar

A windows that consolidates several Windows administrative tools that you can use to mange the local PC or other computers on the network

Computer Management

A program that runs in the background and is called on by other programs to perform a background task


A database designed with a treelike structure that contains configuration information for Windows, users, software applications, and hardware devices


Uses a flash drive or secure digital (SD) memory card to boost hard drive performance

Windows 7/Vista

The six step trouble shooting program can only be applied to software problems


Computers are very complex and have frequent problems so it is very rare that a problem is caused by an error made by the user


Errors with memory are often difficult to diagnose because they can appear intermittently and might be mistaken as other types of errors


Most Microsoft patches and device drivers can be applied to a 32-bit installation and also 64-bit installations


If you get an error message about a missing DLL, the easiest way to solve this problem might be to reinstall the application


Which of the following can you do if you suspect an application requires more privileges that the currently logged on account?

use Run as administrator shortcut menu option

What should be entered at a command prompt in order to scan all system files


You can quickly identify a problem with memory or eliminate memory as the source of a problem by using the ____ tool

Memory Diagnostics

What should be tried whenever a system is caught in an endless cycle of restarts

Boot into Safe Mode

What is the most likely cause of an improper shutdown or system lockup

Hardware problem

Which of the following common blue screen errors means the hard drive is most likely corrupted


Which of the following is the last step in the six step troubleshooting method covered in this chapter



Microsoft WEB SITE

What is another name for a blue screen error which occurs when processes running in kernel mode encounter a problem ad Windows must stop the system

Stop Errors

Which Windows tool can be used to identify a driver that is causing a problem by putting stress on selected drivers, causing the problem driver to crash

Driver Verifier

Which Windows tool monitors activity and alerts you if running program appears to be malicious or damaging the system

Windows Defender

What does the term x86 refer to

32-bit processors

Which windows tool allows an administrator to decrypt a file that is not available because the user account that encrypted the file is no longer accessible


What should be done if a system cannot boot from the hard drive

Replace the hard drive

Which Windows utility can be used to view and modify partitions on hard drive and to format drives

Disk Management


Memory Diagnostics, Event Viewer, & Chkdsk

Which of the following can you try if a legacy application is having compatibility problems with Windows 7( Choose all that apply)

Check the Windows 7 Compatibility Center, Try running the application in compatibility mode, & Try running the program in Windows XP mode

Which of the following are useful rules to use when troubleshooting Choose all that apply

Become a researcher, make no assumptions, & establish your priorities

which of the following are valid steps in the six step troubleshooting method discussed in this chapter.

Establish a theory, & Document outcomes

Which of the following steps can help form a best guess theory

Research user manuals, reproduce the problem, & decide if hardware is the problem

For Windows 7, the __________ tracks problems with applications, hardware, and Windows

Action Center

If you identify the approximate date the error started, you may be able to use _________ revert the system to a state before the problem occurred

System Restored

After solving a problem, it is important to take ___________ to make sure the problem doesn’t happen again

Preventative Measures

To solve __________ stop errors after Windows startup, use the web to research the error message

Blue Screen

If a ____________ that an application relies on has failed to start, make sure it has an Automatic or Manual startup setting


A command used to find the ID number of each running process


A command that uses ID to stop a process


The relationship between a file type and a supporting application

File Association

A tool that installs drivers so that an application can open a foreign data source

Data Source

A tool that can be used to allow data files to be connected to applications the normally would not use

Data Source Open Database Connectivity

A program associated with a file extension

Default Program

A tools that can be use to register components

Component Services

A service that runs in the background to prevent or filter uninvited communication from another computer

Windows Firewall

Another name for a stop error, which happens when processes running in kernel mode encounter a problem and Windows must stop the system

Blue Screen of Death

A Windows utility that protects system files and keeps a cache of current system files in case it needs to refresh a damaged file.

System File Checker

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