Chapter 11-12 Art Appreciation Quiz-Exam

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Thick paint

Van Gogh’s Portrait of Dr. Gachet featured ____ to show the artist’s state of mind.


Traditional African sculpture portrays the frontal view as ____.


Medieval Christians felt the ____ was more important than the ____.


Polykleitos invented and applied a system of mathematical proportions called the Canon for the depiction of Greek figures.


A Yakshi is a representation of ____.

Group Cohesion

Double Mask from the Ejagham People of the Cross River area of Cameroon was worn during rituals that promoted ____.


Many late nineteenth century European artists were strongly influenced by Japanese prints and paintings.


A(n) ____ figure, such as Doryphoros, is often used to represent ideas about the essence of humanity, rather than depicting a specific individual.


Many African sculptures considered the head and ____ as most important.


The Egyptian ____ style was a new aesthetic, which rejected the rigid, abstract style of the past for a more flowing, elegant, naturalistic approach.


Doryphoros translates to ____.


Frida Kahlo’s many self-portraits show her face as ____.


Italian Renaissance artists were strongly influenced by Hellenistic and Roman sculptures that were being excavated in central Italy.


Ritual tattooing was often used on the eastern islands of the South Pacific as part of initiation rites that prepared an individual for adulthood.

Renaissance and Baroque

Viola’s series titled The Passions is based on ____ paintings of figures in sorrow, ecstasy, or astonishment.

Cindy Sherman’s

____ photographs reflect socially prescribed roles and explore the nature of stereotypes.

Eadweard Muybridge

____ is known for the use of stop motion photography to document the physical movement of humans and animals.


In the nineteenth century new technologies, such as ____________________, changed the understanding of the human body and the way art was made.


In ____ Greece, figures were often depicted in theatrical poses as though they were on stage in front of an audience.


A full-body portrait is always a life-size depiction of an individual.

Its restrained emotions

The Doryphoros is idealized in several ways, including ____.

The suffering inherent in modern, urban life

Vincent van Gogh’s Portrait of Dr. Gachet was a vehicle for commentary about ____.

Actions of the audience

In Marina Abramovic’s performance piece, The Artist Is Present, the artist’s body and the ____ are the art piece.

A unique man

Lucian Freud’s Leigh under the Skylight is a portrait of ____.


During the Renaissance, the ____ as an ideal form became popular again.

Rembrandt’s portraits reveal that The Netherlands encouraged ____.


Chuck Close is a painter known for making highly idealized figurative paintings based on classical notions of ideal beauty.

Frida kahlo

____ was known for using self portraits to comment on the factors shaping her life, including her ancestry and her chronic pain.


Polykleitos invented and applied a system of mathematical proportions called the Canon for the depiction of Greek figures.

color or size

Chuck Close uses ____ to convey importance in his portraits.


Eadweard Muybridge’s photos of human bodies revealed his ____ attitude towards the human body.


In the 1960s and 1970s, high-profile art exhibitions in prestigious American museums frequently included work by women artists.


____ paintings are paintings of ordinary scenes from everyday life.


The ____ art movement originated in Paris in the early twentieth century and emphasized exaggerated color in paintings for greater expression.


Sepik men performed ____, called "Tambaran," which took place in large, decorated cult houses.


In Papua New Guinea, Sepik men saw their rituals as creating men from infants, usurping women’s procreative power.

Protest racial and gender discrimination

The Guerrilla Girls are a group of artists that ____.


When the Chinese Communist government came to power, women with bound feet were given government posts, reflecting their elevated social status.


Eighteenth-century Rococo architecture was seen as ____, with its emphasis on delicacy, curves, and color.


In his paintings, Marc Chagall sometimes used the ____ device of fracturing space to represent instability.

A mark of masculinity

Jacques-Louis David’s The Oath of the Horatii revealed that heroic actions were ____.


Marc Chagall’s works reflected his heritage, which was ____.


Hung Liu examined the Chinese practice of ____.

A clan

A ____ is a group of people joined by blood or marriage ties.


The subject matter of ukiyo-e prints were usually famous kabuki actors, beautiful young women,and ____.

Sexual exotica

The painting Abduction of the Daughters of Leucippus by Peter Paul Rubens is an example of ____ as subject matter.


Ceremonies for a clan’s living members took place in Zapotec ____.

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