Chapter 10 Review – ITSY 2301

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Which of the following is true about a screening router?

It should be combined with a firewall for better security

Which of the following is true about a dual-homed host?

Serves as a single point of entry to the network

Which of the following best describes a DMZ?

A subnet of publicly accessible servers placed outside the internal network

What do you call a firewall that is connected to the Internet, the internal network, and the DMZ?

Three-pronged firwall

Where should network management systems generally be placed?


Which of the following is best described as software that prioritizes and schedules requests and then distributes them to servers based on each servers current load and processing power?

load balancing software

In what type of attack are zombies usually put to use?


Which of the following is a disadvantage of using a proxy server?

they require client configuration

What should you consider installing if you want to inspect packets as they leave the network?

reverse firewall

Which network device works at the Application layer by reconstructing packets and forwarding them to Web servers?

proxy server

Which type of security device can speed up web page retrieval and shield hosts on the internal network?

proxy server

Which type of firewall configuration protects public servers by isolating them from the internal network?

screened subnet DMZ

What is the term for a computer placed on the network perimeter that is meant to attract attackers?


What is a step you can take to harden a Bastion host?

remove unnecessary services

What is a critical step you should take on the OS you choose for a bastion host?

ensure all security patches are installed

Which type of translation should you use if you need 50 computers in the corporate network to be able to access the Internet using a single public IP address?

port address translation

Which of the following is true about private IP addresses?

they are not routable on the Internet

Which type of NAT is typically used on devices in the DMZ?

one-to-one NAT

Which of the following best describes a bastion host?

a computer on the network perimeter that is highly protected

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