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An access point that conforms to the IEEE 802.11b standard acts most closely to what other networking device?


All of the 802.11 standards for the wireless networking support which type of communication path sharing technology?


Uses a narrow frequency band and hops data signals in a predictable sequence


Breaks data into pieces and ends the pieces access multiple frequencies in a defined range


Breaks data into very small data streams in order to send the information across long distances


Which of the following is true of a wireless network SSID?

Groups wireless devices together into the same logical network

Which wireless networking component is used to correct multiple APs together?


Which IEEE standard describes wireless communications?


Which data transmutation rate is defined by the IEEE 802.11b wireless standard.


You are designing a wireless network for a client. Your client needs the network to support a data rate of at least 54Mbps. In addition, the client already has a wireless telephone system installed that operates 2.4GHz. Which 802.11 stand will work best in this situation?


You are designing an update to your clients wireless network. The existing network uses 802.11b. Due to budget, which 802.11 standard will work best.


Which IEEE wireless standard specify transmission speeds up to 54Mbps? select two

802.11a 802.11g

You have been contacted by OsCorp to recommend a wireless solution.


Which of the following are frequencies defined by 802.11 committees for wireless networking. select two

2.4GHz 5.57GHz

Which technologies are used by the 802.11ac standard to increase network bandwidth? select two

Eight MIMO radio streams 80MHz donned channels

Your organization uses an 802.11b wireless network. Recently other tenets installed the following equipment in your building….

The wireless tv system

What is the frequency of 802.11a networking?


How many total channels are available for 802.11a wireless networks?


How many total channels are available for 802.11g wireless networks?


Which wireless technology is used to enable 802.11a-ht and 802.11g-ht networks to emulate 802.11n network speeds?

Channel bonding

You are configuring a wireless network with two wireless access points. Both access points connect to the same wired network. You want wireless users to be able to connect to either access point, and to be able to roam between the two access points. How should you configure the access points?

Same SSID, different channel.

You have configured a wireless access point to create a small network. You have configured all necessary parameters. Wireless clients seem to take a long time to find the wireless access point. You want to reduce the time it takes for the clients to connect. What should you do?

Decrease the beacon interval.

You have configured a wireless access point to create a small network. For security, you have disabled SSID broadcast. From a client computer, you try to browse to find the access point. You see some other wireless networks in the area, but cannot see your network to connect to it. What should you do?

Configure a profile on the wireless client.

You have a small wireless network that uses multiple access points. The network currently uses WPA. You want to connect a laptop computer to the wireless network. Which of the following parameters will you need to configure on the laptop?

TKIP encryption Preshared key

You are building a wireless network within and between two buildings. The buildings are separated by more then 3000 feet. The wireless network should meet the following requirements….

Building 1-location A Right-facing directional Antenna/WPA2 with CCMP Building 1-location B Omni directional Antenna/WPA2 with CCMP Building 1-location C Left-facing directional Antenna/WPA2 with CCMP Building 1-location D Right-Facing Parabolic Antenna/WPA2 with CCMP Building 2-location A Omni Directional/WEP with Open authentication Building 2-location B Left-facing Parabolic Antenna/WPA2 with CCMP

Your wireless network consist of multiple wireless 802.11n access points that are configured as follows…..This network is required to support an ever-increasing number of devices. what should you do?

Double the bandwidth assigned per channel to 40MHz

What purpose does a wireless site survey serve? select two

To Identify existing or potential sources of interference To identify the coverage area and preferred placement of access points.

You are designing a wireless network for a client. Your client needs the network to support data rate of at least 150Mbps. In addition, the client already has a wireless telephone system installed that operates 2.4GHz. Which 802.11 standard will work best in this situation?


You are designing a wireless network for a client. Your client needs the network to support a data rate of at least 54Mbps. Which 802.11 standard will work best in this situation? select two

802.11n 802.11a

You are designing an update to your clients wireless network. The existing wireless network uses 802.11g equipment, which your client complains runs to slowly. She wants to upgrade the network to run 150Mbps or faster. Which 802.11 standard will work best in this situation.


You have been hired to design a wireless network for a SOHO environment. Which of the following questions should you ask? select three

How many devices will need to be supported Is the business expected to grow in size in the future What type of data will be transmitted on the network

To optimize your network, you want to configure your wireless AP to use a channel that meets the following criteria. non-overlapping, low utilization, low interference.

channel 1

Match each wireless term or concept on the left with its associated description on the right

Compares the level of the WIFI signal to the level of background radio signals/ Signal to Noise ratio Checks channel utilization and identifies sources of RF inference/ Spectrum analysis Identifies how strong a radio signal is at the receiver/Received Signal Level Identifies the number of useful bits delivered from the senders to the receiver/ Causes multiple copies of the same radio signal to be received by the receiving antenna/ Bounce Degrades wireless network performance/ Device saturation

Which of the following enterprise wireless deployment models uses access points with enough intelligence to allow for the creation of quest WLANs for keeping public wireless traffic separated from private traffic?

Distributed wireless mesh infrastructure

Match each wireless device on the left with is corresponding characteristics on the right.

Manages all of the Apps that are connected to it/ Wireless controller Suppors 30 to 50 wireless clients per access point/ Wireless controller Profides NAT routing and an ethernet switch in one device/ SOHO wireless router Supports a maximum of 5-10 wireless clients/ SOHO wireless router Pushes wireless configurations settings to connected access points/ Wireless controller

Match the wireless networking term or concept on the left with its appropriate description on the right.

Moving an wireless device/Roaming Used by Cisco wireless equipment/ LWAPP Specifies the number of clients/ Device density Automatically partitions a single/ VLAN pooling Graphically displays wireless/ Heat map Connects tow wired networks/ Wireless bridge Identifies how strong/ The number of useful bits/ Goodput

Match each type of access point on the left with the wireless network architecture that they are commonly used in on the right

Independent access point infrastructure/ Intelligent AP Hub-and-spoke infrastructure/ Lightweight AP Distributed wireless mesh infrastructure/ Intelligent AP

Which encryption method is used by WPA for wireless networks?


You want to implement 802.1x authentication on your wireless network. Which of the following will be required>


You want to connect your client computer to a wireless access point connected to your wired network air work. The network Admin tells you that the access point is configured to use WPA2 personal with the strongest encryption method possible. SSID broadcast is ruined off. Which of the following must you configure manually on the client. select three

SSID AES Preshared Key

You need to add security for your wireless network. You would like to use the most secure method. Which method should you implement.


You are concerned that the wireless access points may have been deployed within your organization without authorizations. What should you do. select two

Conduct a site survey Check the MAC addresses on devices connected to your wired switch

Your company security policy states that wireless networks are not to be used because of the potential security risk they present to your network. What type of security risk is this?

Rogue access point

An attacker is trying to compromise a wireless network that has been secured using WPA2-PSK and AES. She first tried using airsnort to capture packets, but found that she couldn’t break the encryption. What attack techniques did the attack us? select two

Pharming Evil twin

What is the LEAST secure place to locate an access point with an omni-directional antenna when creating a wireless cell?

Near a window

Which of the following measures will make your wireless network inviable to the casual attacker performing war driving?

Disable the SSID broadcast

You are the wireless network Admin for your organization. As the size of the organization has grown, you’ve decided to upgrade your wireless network to use 802.11x authentication instead of pre-shared keys. What should you do

Configure all wireless access points with client certs. Configure the RADIUS server with a server cert.

You are designing a wireless network implementation for a small business. The business deals with sensitive customer information, so data emanation must be reduced as mush as possible. the floor plan of the office is shown below…

A-Direciton B-Direction C-Omni-Direction D-Direciton E-Direciton F-Direciton G-Direciton

You need to implement a wireless network between two buildings on a college campus. A wired network has already been implemented within each building. the buildings are 100 meters apart. select two

High-gain Parabolic

Which of the following wireless security methods uses common shared key configured on the wireless access point and all wireless clients?

WEP, WPA Personal, and WPA2 Personal

You need to configure a wireless network. You want to use WPA2 Enterprise. Which of the following components will be part of your design? select two

AES encryption 802.1x

Match each WIFI jamming attach on the left with its corresponding description on the right.

Transmits radio signals at random amplitudes and frequencies/ Random noise jamming Transmits pulses of radio signals at random amplitudes and frequencies/Random pulse jamming Repeatedly transmits high-intensity, short-duration RF burst at a rapid pace/ Spark jamming

You are setting up a wireless hotspot in a local coffee shop. For best results, you want todisperse the radio signals evenly throughout the coffee shop.Which of the following types of antennas would you use on the AP to provide a 360degree dispersed wave pattern?


You are troubleshooting a wireless connectivity issue in a small office. You determine that the 2.4GHz cordless phones used in the office are interfering with the wireless network transmissions. If the cordless phones are causing the interference, which of the following wireless standard could the network be using. select two

Bluetooth 802.11b

You are implementing a wireless network inside a local office. You require a wireless link to connect a laptop in the administrator’s office directly to a system in the sales department. In the default configuration, the wireless AP uses a 360dispersed RF wave design. After installed, the signal between the two systems is weak as many obstacles interfere with the signal.

Replace the Omni-directional antenna with a directional antenna

A user on your network has been moved to another office down the hall. after the move she calls you complaining that she has only occasional network access through her wireless connection. Which of the following is most likely the cause of the problem?

The client system has moved to far away from the access point.

You have been hired to troubleshoot a wireless connectivity issue for two separate networks located within a close proximity. Both networks use a WAP from the same manufacturer and all settings, with the exception of SSIDs, remain configured to the default. Which of the following might you suspect as the cause of the connectivity problems?

Overlapping channels

You have decided to conduct a business meeting at a local coffee shop. The coffee shop you chose has a wireless hotspot for its customers who want Internet access. You decide to check your e-mail before the meeting begins, but when you open the browser you cannot gain Internet access. Other customers are on the Internet and because you use a wireless connection at work, you are sure your laptops wireless adapter works. What is the likely cause of this problem?

mismatched SSID

After installing a new 2.4GHz cordless phone system in your office, you notice that wireless network performance is adversely affected. Which of the following wireless networking standards are you most likely to be using? (Select two.)

802.11b 802.11g

A user calls to report that she is experiencing intermittent problems while accessing the wireless network from her laptop computer. While talking to her, you discover that she is trying to work from the coffee rom two floors above the floor where she normally works. What is the most likely cause of her connectivity problem?

The user is out of the effective range of the wireless access point on her floor

While configuring a new 802.11g wireless network, you discover another wireless network within range that uses the same channel ID that you intend to use. Which of the following strategies are you most likely to adopt in order to avoid a conflict between the networks?

Use a different channel ID

Mobile devices in your organization us the access point shown in the figure below to connect to your wireless network. what should you do. select two

Set the channel used by access pint B to 8 Set the access point B to sue 802.11n wireless network

which of the following recommendations should you follow when placing access points to provide wireless access for users within your company building>

Place access points above where most clients are

you have physically added a wireless access point to your network and installed a wireless network card in two laptops running windows. Neither laptop can find the network and you have come to the conclusion that you must manually configure the wireless access points (AP). Which of the following values uniquely identifies the network AP?


You need to place a wireless access point in your two-story building. While trying avoid interference, which of the following is the best location for the access point?

in the top floor

Which of the following recommendations should you follow when placing access points to provide wireless access for users within your company building?

Place accès points above where most clients are

Your wireless network consists of multiple 802.11n access points that are configured as follows… what should you do

implement antenna diversity

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