Chapter 10, Lesson 3- The Bill of Rights

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What is the Bill of Rights and why was it added to the Constitution?

The first ten amendments protect basic freedoms; especially of the minority groups. It was added to the Constitution to protect the people from the national government from having too much power. Adding the Bill of Rights helped change many people’s minds to ratify the Constitution.


to approve


Citizens who were in favor of ratifying the Constitution (wanted a strong national government) (democrat) (Alexander Hamilton)


Citizens who were against ratifying the Constitution. Less central government (republican)(Thomas Jefferson)

due process of law

the principle that guarantees that people have the right to a fair trial by jury

reserved powers

Authority that belongs to the state or the people


group of most important advisors to the president

political party

a group that tries to elect officials who will support its policies

John Adams

Massachusetts leader who served as a member of Congress and later as the 2nd President of the US

Alexander Hamilton

American leader who helped organize the Constitutional Convention and supported a strong national government

Thomas Jefferson

3rd President of the United States, wrote the Declaration of Independence, purchased the Louisiana Territory from France doubling the size of the U.S.

Benjamin Banneker

Free African American who helped survey the land for the new Capitol of the US

Washington DC

capital of the US located between Maryland and Virginia. A special district that is not part of any state

What would adding a bill of rights to the Constitution do?

Many delegates would be more willing to approve the Constitution if the bill of rights were added to to it.

Why do you think some Anti-Federalists changed their mind about the Constitution?

Because the bill of rights was added. They feared that without the bill of rights that the national government would have too much power.

Why is the bill of rights important?

10 amendments that were added to the Constitution. The bill of rights protects the rights of people in the minority. The minority cannot have their rights taken away.

Why do you think it was necessary for the President to have a Cabinet?

Cabinet members advise the President. (War department and treasury department)

first amendment

freedom of religion freedom of speech, press, to petition the government freedom to assemble

second amendment

freedom to have weapons

third amendment

soldiers can’t take over your house

fourth amendment

protects against unfair searches

five-eight amendments

due process of law

ninth amendment

people have other rights not listed in the constitution

tenth amendment

government can only do the things listed in the constitution

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