Chapter 10 – Islam

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The beginning of the Muslim calendar is the Western year

622 c.e.

The Islamic month of fasting is called


The year 1 of the Muslim calendar dates from what event in the life of Muhammad?

escape from Mecca to Medina

The sacred book of Islam, which gives the sermons of Muhammad, is called

Qur’an (Koran).

The name given to Islamic mysticism is


The branch of Islam that is found primarily in Iran and Iraq is


Which country had a large Muslim population for almost 800 years?


The Shiite branch developed because

of a disagreement over the line of succession from Muhammad

A memory of what Muhammad said or did is called


At first, before they were instructed to face Mecca for prayer, followers of Muhammad faced toward what city for prayer?


Muhammad’s job was

caravan driver.

Islam particularly stresses

oneness of God

Regarding the afterlife, Muslims believe

in heaven and hell.

One of the greatest examples of Islamic architecture is located in India and is called the

Taj Mahal.

The successor to Muhammad, for centuries a political as well as a religious figure, was called


Ramadan is the

name of the month in which Muhammad received revelation.

The month-long fast that observant Muslims keep involves

no eating or drinking of anything during the daylight hours.

The minaret is

a tower used to call Muslims to prayer.

Muhammad had his first revelations

in a cave

During the pilgrimage, men must wear the robe of Abraham, which is

a two-piece robe of white cloth.

Part of the pilgrimage ritual involves

throwing stones at pillars

Muhammad and his followers escaped from Mecca to Yathrib (Medina). This event

was the turning point, after which Muhammad gained success.

Muhammad was born and raised in


At the Kabah, what object is venerated?

a meteorite

The major problem with a reliance on hadiths is that

some hadiths do not agree with each other.

Literally, the word "Muslim" means a person who


The chanter who calls people to prayer is called


The Sunni reform movement that began in Saudi Arabia is


The Sunni reform movement that for a while took control of Afghanistan is called


The word masjid (mosque) literally means a place of


The Turkish leader who ended the caliphate was

Kemal Ataturk

The countries that have a Shiite majority are

Iran and Iraq.

Malcolm X was inspired to see the racial inclusiveness of Islam through the influence of

a pilgrimage he made to Mecca.

Islam literally means


The Sunni reform movement that began in India and became popular in Pakistan is called


Observant Muslims do not allow


Which of the following is NOT typical of Islam?

belief in a Trinity

The phrase "Five Pillars of Islam" refers to

essentials of Muslim belief and practice.

Islam and Judaism are similar in that they both

make use of circumcision.

Muslims trace themselves back ultimately to what great patriarch?


Mosque means "path"; the whole body of Islamic law, which guides a Muslim’s life.


Qiblah refers to the direction toward Mecca; the direction toward which Muslims pray.


A mosque is a Muslim place of worship.


Shiite refers to a minority branch of Islam that holds Muhammad’s genuine successors descended from his son-in-law, Ali.


Imam means "cube"; the square shrine at the center of the great mosque of Mecca.


Kabah is a devotional remembrance of Allah through the recitation of his ninety-nine names and other devotional practices.


Hirja means "submission"; the Muslim religion and the community of believers who have submitted themselves to Allah.


Jihad means "struggle"; the ideal of spreading Islamic belief and practice.


Sura means "successor"; a religious and political leader.


Sufism refers to a group of devotional movements in Islam.


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