Chapter 10 Abnormal psychology corrections

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The perceptual distortions some drugs produce are called:


Which of the following would NOT be considered a "drug"?


A person who experiences vomiting and shaking when he tries to stop drinking alcohol has developed:

withdrawal reactions.

Which of the following is a depressant?


Of the following, the MOST likely to exhibit a substance abuse disorder would be a(n):

Native American

Women tolerate alcohol LESS well than men because:

they have less of a stomach enzyme that breaks down alcohol.

Because alcohol binds to neurons that normally receive the neurotransmitter GABA, it is not surprising that alcohol:

relaxes people

In women, the enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase is found at:

lower levels in the stomach, making them more susceptible to getting drunk.

Of the following, the person who would probably have the highest blood alcohol level after an hour of drinking would be a:

200-pound woman who had drunk six cans of beer.

Pat and Jody each have five screwdrivers (orange juice and vodka). Pat gets very drunk. Jody does not. Which
of the following is MOST likely to be TRUE?

Pat is a woman, Jody is a man

Regarding alcoholism in white American men, African American men, and Hispanic American men, which of the following is MOST accurate?

The patterns of drinking differ across ethnic groups and age.

An individual who is dependent on alcohol is experiencing delirium tremens. This reaction is

individual stops drinking

The scarring of the liver caused by alcohol consumption is known as:


A combination of alcohol abuse and a vitamin B deficiency can lead to:

Korsakoff’s syndrome.

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can damage the developing embryo and fetus, resulting in:

fetal alcohol syndrome

A pattern of abnormalities, including, head and facial deformities, heart defects, and intellectual development disorder, characterizes someone with:

fetal alcohol syndrome.

Of the following, which has the LOWEST risk/risks for drug dependency and long-term behavioral change?


The drug which, when misused, would MOST quickly result in dependence or addiction would be:


All the opioid drugs are known collectively as


A person would be LEAST likely to feel drowsy soon after taking a moderate dose of which type of drug?


Cocaine and amphetamines produce:

similar behavioral effects, and similar emotional effects

If you were trying to convince a friend not to be a cocaine user, what would you cite as the GREATEST danger stemming from cocaine use?

overdose effects

An EMT has to be especially aware of people abusing cocaine, because even young people are at risk for all of the following EXCEPT:

asthmatic attacks

The proportion of Americans over the age of 11 who smoke is about:


Methods of supplying nicotine to those who are trying to quit smoking include all of the following EXCEPT:

the subcutaneous nicotine pump

Research suggests that people continue to use tobacco despite its health risks because:

nicotine is very addictive.

Lola’s physician prescribed diet pills. Which of the following drugs are they MOST likely to have contained?


The "club drug" that damages nerve endings and is associated with high rates of HIV-positive tests, but is not considered hallucinogenic, is:


After a fire in an isolated farmhouse, firefighters found several small propane tanks and other strong evidence of a recently abandoned "meth lab." If what the firefighters found was a meth lab, it was:

unusual—most meth labs now are relatively large operations in rural areas

The GREATEST danger of LSD use is:

the possibility of very powerful, sometimes negative, reactions

A person who uses the drug Ecstasy at a crowded party begins to feel too hot, and immediately drinks lots of fluids. This person:

may be in trouble; the person may experience hypothermia or water intoxication

An acquaintance of yours uses Ecstasy and says, "Wow! I was totally energized and tripping. It was like LSD and meth combined." Your acquaintance’s experience with Ecstasy was:

common; the drug has both stimulant and hallucinogenic properties.

The duration of most of the effects of cannabis is about:

two to six hours.

According to the chart in your textbook, teenagers say that the drug easiest for them to obtain is:


Which of the following is a negative effect of cannabis use?

decrease in fertility

Which of the following statements is MOST accurate regarding cannabis in the United States?

Cannabis was introduced into the United States about 100 years ago and was first used for medical purposes

Throughout most of the United States, it is illegal to use marijuana, even for medical reasons. Compared to other nations, this is:

common; most countries do not allow either medical or recreational use of marijuana

Probably the WORST thing one who has "partied hard" with alcohol could do right after drinking would be to:

take some barbiturates to fall asleep.

A friend asks you for advice about how to stop smoking. Based on the data, your BEST advice to your friend would be:

"Try aversion therapy, for example, rapid smoking.

Which of the following combinations is MOST likely to result in antagonistic effects?

barbiturates and cocaine

Which of the following would be MOST likely to develop alcoholism?

a lower socioeconomic class person living in a high unemployment area

Researchers have found that substance use disorders are more common among some religious groups than others, and in general, are more common among some groups than among others. Together, these findings provide the MOST support for which view of substance abuse disorders?


According to recent studies, in a random sample of 24 employed adults, you would expect that about two would be using an illegal drug. In a random sample of 24 unemployed adults, how many illegal drug users would you expect to find?


Scientists have conducted breeding experiments by mating across generations nonhumans that prefer alcohol. What have these researchers found?

Many of the offspring prefer alcohol over other tastes

Is there any explanation of a genetic explanation for substance abuse disorders?

Maybe; those with a substance use disorder are more likely than those without a disorder to have an abnormal D2 receptor gene

A recent local news report showed pictures of a "huffer" who had inhaled spray fumes, and then been arrested for disorderly conduct, among other things. Besides being illegal, "huffing" of some sort has been tried by:

at least 6 percent of people in the United States, and is a form of inhalant use disorder

Assume a researcher finds that overuse of a drug reduces the body’s production of neurotransmitters. Thus, if an abuser of this drug stops taking the drug, withdrawal symptoms occur until the brain begins producing normal levels of neurotransmitters again


A researcher reports that a drug directly stimulates a reward center in the brain rather than through indirect stimulation of a reward center. The drug the researcher is studying could be any of the following drugs EXCEPT


Of the following alternatives, the MOST commonly-used form of treatment for a substance abuse disorder is:

self-help groups.

During a recent ambulance call, an EMT provided patient care for someone who had substance use disorder involving cocaine. The only treatment the person received was in a hospital emergency room (ER). If this is the only treatment the person received, that is:

very unusual; most of those with substance use disorders get something besides ER treatment

Someone with substance use disorder is likely to receive treatment:

in outpatient rehabilitation

In general, behavioral treatments for substance use disorders are MORE successful when:

the person receiving the therapy is highly motivated to continue

Cocaine abusers on an inpatient ward earn rewards and eventually are released from the program if they produce periodic urine samples that are free of the drug. The program they are in is a form of:

contingency management.

How would those who support the Alcoholics Anonymous approach to treating alcoholism respond to the cognitive-behavioral procedure called relapse-prevention training?

They would oppose relapse-prevention training because it does not require sobriety

A client receiving treatment for substance abuse keeps track of the times she uses it and develops strategies to avoid the substance when there is an opportunity to use it. The client is MOST likely receiving:

relapse-prevention training.

Detoxification procedures may involve any of the following EXCEPT:

initially increasing the substance dose to make the substance aversive

Jess thought she was taking an aspirin, but later, when she had a glass of wine and became very nauseated, she realized she had taken:


The purpose of an antagonist drug is to:

block or change the effect of an addictive drug

The use of methadone in drug maintenance programs is controversial because methadone:

produces withdrawal symptoms sometimes worse than heroin withdrawal symptoms.

During a recent ambulance call, EMTs gave naloxone to a person who had injected an overdose of fentanyl, a synthetic opioid. This treatment is usually:

make withdrawal symptoms more severe

According to reports about the population of students in the Sobriety High program, about what percent of those enrolled have mental health problems besides chemical dependency?

90 percent

Sobriety High and Drug Court recovery-type programs:

cost more than regular educational programs but save society money in the long run.

One of the features of Alcoholics Anonymous is:

peer support.

Hanna goes to a meeting because her husband is an alcoholic who only occasionally can abstain from alcohol. The meetings with other people in similar situations help her cope. She probably attends meetings of:

Al Anon.

Alcoholics Anonymous supports the belief that alcoholics should:

cease drinking entirely.

Recent studies show that gender-sensitive programs for treating substance abuse:

may be very useful; substance abusers of different genders have different physical and psychological reactions to drugs.

DSM-5 includes gambling disorder as an addictive disorder, along with substance abuse disorders. This inclusion is:

unique; gambling disorder is the only disorder in the category that doesn’t involve a substance

I feel great!" a friend says, "Let’s go to the casino and play the slots." Your friend has been to the casino several times in the past two weeks and just can’t seem to stay away. Does your friend qualify for the diagnosis of gambling disorder?

Maybe—a distressed mood goes with gambling, and your friend’s behavior seems out of control.

Gambling disorder is MOST common among:

teenagers and college students who are feeling distressed.

"I’ve been diagnosed with gambling disorder," a friend says and then asks, "What kind of therapy works best?" Based on current research, your BEST response is:

The research is still limited and there is no best choice."

I just received a DSM-5 diagnosis of Internet use disorder," a friend says. "What do you think?" Your MOST accurate reply would be:

That’s not possible. The disorder is not in the DSM-5."

Internet use disorder" is not in the DSM-5, but if it is included in the next edition, a research-based estimate of the percentage of people in the United States who would fit the diagnostic criteria would be about:

1 percent

Which of the following statements MOST accurately reflects what is being done in the area of "Internet use disorder" at the present time?

a lot; Internet use disorder is not a DSM-5 category, but people who meet the disorder’s criteria act similarly to those with gambling disorder, which is in the DSM-5

Which drug increases the activity of the central nervous system?

Approximately what percentage of campus arrests are alcohol related

Behavioral interventions for substance use disorder

________ is the world’s most widely used stimulant.

Some __________ theorists believe that people can control their drinking by drinking in moderation rather than engaging in strict abstinence.

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