Chapter 10

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Biomechanists typically work in all of the following settings EXCEPT

a nutrition facility that targets women

A golf ball stays on the tee until the golf club hits it. Which of the following principles best describes why this occurs?

Newton’s law of inertia

A performer can move out of a stationary position when there are not outside forces acting on her


Which of the following are the most common forces acting on a human performer?

friction, gravity, ground reaction forces, air or water resistance

What is known about injury mechanisms due to forces?

The number of repetitions that a person can perform per week without injury should not exceed 200.

Studying how diseased blood cells respond to forces is an example of which branch of biomechanics?


Biomechanics can assist with design of equipment, artificial limbs, and orthoses for safety.


Thomas Cureton was believed by some to have coined the term biomechanics.


What was the discipline of biomechanics called in the past?


Injuries to tissues of the body can be cause by focus whose magnitudes are within the limits that the tissue can tolerate if they are applied repeatedly over a long period of time.


Tue guiding principles and concepts of biomechanics come from which of the following sub disciplines?

mechanical physics, mechanical and biological engineering, and biology

Which of the following is least likely to be a concept studied in biomechanics?

body mass index

What is the third spey in a model of analysis for biomechanics?

consider influencing factors

specialists who apply their knowledge of physiology, biomechanics, anatomy, and psychology in order to improve the movements, working environments, and training programs in the workplace are called

ergonomists or human factor engineers

What is the study of the function of human beings using the principles and methods of physics and engineering?


When an athlete is running across a field,____ allows for the person to be propelled forward.

ground reaction forces

An important skill for a physical activity specialist,_____, or allied health rehabilitative specialist is to be able to chose the relevant mechanical principles that apply to the movement of interest or to a phenomenon occurring inside the body.


Professional scouts are timing a football player running a 40-yard dash to determine how his speed compares to other players they may want on their team. What type of analysis are the scouts using?

quantitative analysis

Industries in the 1950s needed to know the measurements of people to design seats, cockpits, and instrument panels that fit these users. What is the study of people’s physical dimensions that provided this type of information?


Which of the following is NOT a goal of biomechanics?

to understand the relationship between mechanical laws and movement techniques of specific movements to improve the outcome or effectiveness of movements.

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