Chapter 10-12 of Intro to Sociology

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An example of slavery, according to Anti-Slavery International, is:

*b. Factories using child labor

Which trend has the World Bank seen in its study of poverty in low-income nations?

*c. More women live in poverty than men

How is global stratification different from social stratification?

*c. Global stratification examines a myriad of different types of prejudice and inequality, while social stratification covers the social class and standing of individuals

Which continent has the largest number of people living in poverty in the world?

*a. Asia

Women’s employment outside the agricultural sector remains under 20 percent in all of the following except:

*b. Northern Africa

In the United States, where outsourcing is almost always addressed negatively, companies still get away with outsourcing. How do they do this?

*c. Americans want lower prices for their consumable products, and the only way for companies to deliver those low prices is to outsource the work to cheaper laborers

Which social class is quickly disappearing from modern economies?

*b. Middle Class

In recent times, scholars have been trying to sort out why the countries on the continent of Africa, as a whole, have trouble competing to today’s global, capitalist economy. While an answer to this question is complex and carries with it many ambiguities, most scholars point to European colonialism as a key to understanding the current state of Africa. A sociologist studying this topic, would ascribe to which theoretical paradigm?

Conflict Theory

Which continent has the greatest number of impoverished nations in the world?


Immanuel Wallerstein’s classification of nations uses which set of terms?

*d. core nation, peripheral nation, semi-peripheral nation

Which is an effect of absolute poverty that also contributes to its cyclical nature?

*a. Lack of education

The two regions with the highest risk of social unrest are:

*d. Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East-North Africa region

Which statement explains why Immanuel Wallerstein’s classification is preferred by sociologist?

*a. Wallerstein’s classification uses neutral terms that allow his classification of nations to be less biased and appear less ethnocentric

Child labor and sweatshops have existed since the Industrial Revolution and even before that. Many products sold today are created in these sweatshops, even though, living in the 21st century, we like to think we are above such practices. What is one practical way we can try and stop multinational companies from using such labor?

*d. We can be responsible consumers and research products before buying them

Which statement would you find in the analysis of poverty by Neckerman and Torche?

*c. Once poverty has entered a geographic location, it is very difficult to get rid of

Which number does the World Bank use to determine the status and classification of each nation?

*a. Gross National Income per Capita

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was created by:

*b. Core nation countries

Maria babysits as a form of income while she is in college. Because the amounts she gets per job are not huge, Maria never bothers to report her earnings to the IRS. Maria is a part of the _____________.

*a. Underground economy

Areas that once had vast economic growth and large amounts of industry, but are now suffering from the effects of outsourcing are going through a period of:

*b. Deindustrialization

88 million people live on less than $1.00 a day. These people are said to be living in _____________.

*c. Absolute poverty

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