Chapter 10 & 11

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Exercise frequency refers to — the number of times per week you exercise.


A person who weighs an appropriate amount may still have too high a percentage of body fat. —- T


To improve cardiorespiratory endurance during moderate-intensity activities such as walking or swimming slowly, you should exercise for at least — 45 minutes, three times per week.


All of the following are cardiorespiratory endurance activities EXCEPT —- weight training.


One of the easiest ways to determine appropriate endurance exercise intensity involves measuring — heart rate.


People who tend to store body fat in the _ abdomen____ are at increased risk for chronic disease.


Regular exercise may prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes. —T


In women, having an extremely low percentage of body fat is associated with a loss of bone density. — T


After an injury, heat should be used for the first 48 hours or until the swelling is gone. —- F


Hydrostatic weighing is used to predict percent body fat based on — body density and water displacement.


The best way to lose fat is through a lifestyle that includes a sensible diet and cardiovascular exercise. — T


The greater the amount of muscle mass, the — higher the resting metabolic rate.


Which of the following patterns of eating is recommended for weight management? — eating every three to four hours


Overfat is a more accurate term than overweight when describing the condition of having too much body fat. — T


Weight training with free weights represents which one of the following types of exercise? — isotonic


Which of the following statements about exercise and disease prevention is TRUE? —Exercise prevents the development of type 2 diabetes, Regular exercise reduces the risk of stroke, All of these statements are true, Weight-bearing exercises protects women against osteoporosis.


Exercise intensity refers to —- how long your exercise session is.


An individual considering using dietary supplements or drugs to enhance performance should understand that —- the long-term effects of many supplements are unknown.


Which of the following statements about fluid balance during and after exercise is FALSE? —- Thirst is a good indicator of how much you need to drink.


Exercise improves memory and learning. —- T


Muscular endurance is the —- ability to sustain a given level of muscular tension over time.


Which one of the following is MOST closely associated with anorexia nervosa? — a belief that one is fat even when dangerously thin


Cooling down after exercise is important to —restore circulation to its normal resting condition.


Application of force with movement is called __ isotonic______ exercise.


Application of muscular force without movement is called ___ isometric ____ exercise.


The hormone leptin is believed to —let the brain know the size of the body’s fat stores.


The concept of energy balance refers to the need to balance — calories consumed with calories burned.


Resting metabolic rate is — the energy required to maintain vital body functions.


Stretching exercises should be held for — 15 to 30 seconds.


In a weight training program for general fitness, do _8-12____ repetitions of each exercise.


The main drawback of using BMI to assess health is that it is not a good tool for — assessing body composition.


Do not increase the volume of your exercise by more than _5-10 percent__ per week.


To improve muscular endurance, it is best to —-use light resistance with many repetitions.


Which of the following is an effective strategy for successful weight management? —Choose foods with a low energy density and a high nutrient density, Learn appropriate porion sizes for various food, All of these choices are effective, Drink fewer calories in the form of sugar-sweetened beverages.


Which of the following is a person with excessive body fat more likely to experience than a person with a healthy body composition? —diabetes, back pain, all of these, joint problems


Larry started a fitness program about 8 weeks ago. He runs 2 miles every day and does some weight training. He likes to use weight machines and focuses on 1 or 2 muscle groups each day. He could initially do 6 repetitions of most exercises in his program, and he can now do 15-20. Larry likes the initial improvement in his energy level and appearance since starting the program. He has noticed that his work in construction seems a little easier, too. However, Larry doesn’t think he is getting as much benefit out of his program now as he did at the start of his fitness program. ————— Larry isn’t seeing as much improvement as he did initially because –his body has adapted to the new level of exercise.


All of the following can help Larry decrease his risk of injury EXCEPT —-exercising at maximum heart rate during endurance training.


Body weight is a more important indicator of health than is body composition. —-F


An eating disorder characterized by recurrent episodes of overeating followed by purging is —- bulimia nervosa.


An eating disorder characterized by a refusal to eat enough food to maintain a reasonable body weight is —- anorexia nervosa.


Exercise duration refers to —- How long your exercise session is.


Serious dehydration may cause all of the following EXCEPT —– torn ligaments.


Muscular strength is the —- amount of force a muscle can produce with a single maximum effort.


The best fluid replacement during a 45-minute exercise session is —- cool water.


Which of the following is NOT characteristic of binge-eating disorder? —- purging


Flexibility is best described as —- the ability of joints to move through their full range of motion.


Exercise has social, emotional, and psychological benefits. —- T


The physical activity pyramid includes all of the following EXCEPT —- agility training.


All of the following are advantages of exercise machines compared to free weights, EXCEPT that machines —- strengthen the body in ways closer to real life.

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