Chapter 1

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The famous Neolithic Structure in England, made of megaliths that once formed several concentric circles, is called


the list of traits that creative people seem to possess, given in this chapter, includes all of the following except


Theo van Gogh was Vincent Van Gogh’s

all: emotional supporter, art dealer, financial supporters, brother

No society that we know of has lived without some form of art. The impulse to make and respond to art appears to be as deeply ingrained as the ability to

learn language

According to the author, the most important meaning of an artwork is

what it means to the viewer

the nature of perception suggests that the most important key to looking at art is

to become aware of the process of looking itself

Although Vincent van Gogh suffered emotionally throughot his life, he was able to give his emotions tangible form in works such as

The starry night

The function of artists to give tangible form to the unknown is evident in the 10th-century sculpture Shiva Nataraja through images that represent the following except

the sculpture reports a story about a hindu dancer

The sculptor Constartin Brancusi spent his life searching for forms that were

all: pure, simple, timeless

All art is basically Paleolithic: either the urge to smear soot and grease on cave walls or pile stone on stone was said by

Anthony Caro

Which is Not a task for artists, according to the text

to help us see the world in the same way that we see it

The most famous of Maya Lin’s works is:

vietnam Veterans memorial

What are methods used prehistoric painters

all of these: animal fats and pigments, reed brushes, powdered pigments

We owe our access to vinvent van goghi’s thoughts and feelings about many of his paintings to

the many letters he wrote to friends and relatives

Radiocarbon testing indicates that the earliest images made by human date back to

Paleolithic Period

According to the author, the impulse to create art comes from basic human interests in

all the above; creating order, exploring aesthetic possibilities, constructing images and forms

Vanitas paintings are those that mediate on

fleeting nature of earthly life and nature of happiness

Wheel of Fortune was created by

Audrey Flack

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