Chapter 1- The American Culture

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The belief that you can influence how your government acts is called

political efficacy.

The first prerequisite to increasing political efficacy is

increasing political knowledge.

To the Ancient Greeks, citizenship meant

talking and debating about how to improve the welfare of the community

According to the text, democracy functions best when

citizens are informed.

It is important for Americans to have political knowledge so that they

will be better able to assess their own interests when making political choices.

Government can be defined as the

institutions and procedures by which a territory and its people are ruled.

A service that a person needs but is usually unable to provide for him- or herself individually is called a(n)

public good.

Which of the following is not an example of a public good

a job

The willingness to be restrained by the power of social institutions, but not political or legal institutions, is a hallmark of a(n) ______ regime.


A government that is formally limited by laws and rules is called


What major changes in Western government led to the establishment of constitutional government

legal limits on government and the right of more people to vote

According to the text, what is the goal of politics

to have a say in a government’s leadership, organization, and policies

Direct democracy is best defined as

a system that allows citizens to vote directly for laws and policies

Politics can be defined as

conflicts over the character, membership, and policies of any organization to which people belong

Which of the following is an instrument of direct democracy


A representative democracy is a system of government that

gives citizens a regular opportunity to elect top government officials.

The struggle of competing interest groups for governmental influence is called


The ______ is the most important concept for the theory of pluralism.


Political culture refers to the

shared values, beliefs, and attitudes that serve to hold a nation and its people together.

What are the three core values in American politics?

liberty, equality, and democracy

The belief that political authority should rest with the people themselves is called

popular sovereignty

The right of each citizen to vote is an example of

political equality

According to the text, the United States did not become a fully democratic nation until

the 1960s, when the right of African Americans to vote was enforced by federal laws.

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