Chapter 1 Quiz Questions

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Programs are commonly referred to as _____.


Which of the following is considered to be the world’s first programmable electronic computer?


Where does a computer store a program and the data that the program is working with while the program is running?

Main Memory

What type of volatile memory is usually used only for temporary storage while running a program?


Which of the following is not a microprocessor manufacturing company?


Which computer language uses short words known as mnemonics for writing programs?


The process known as the _____ cycle is used by the CPU to execute instructions in a program.


Which language from the following list is referred to as a low-level language?

Assembly Language

The following is an example of an instruction written in which computer language?


Machine Language

What is the encoding technique called that is used to store negative numbers in the computer’s memory?

two’s complement

The _____ coding scheme contains a set of 128 numeric codes that are used to represent characters in the computer memory.


What is the largest value that can be stored in one byte?


The smallest storage location in a computer’s memory is known as a _____.


The disk drive is a secondary storage device that stores data by _____ encoding it onto a spinning circular disk.


A _____ has no moving parts, and operates faster than a traditional disk drive.

solid state drive

Which of these is not a major component of a typical computer system?

operating system

True/False: A software developer is the person with the training to design, create, and test computer programs.


True/False: A computer is a single device that performs different types of tasks for its users.


True/False: The CPU is able to quickly access data stored at any random location in ROM.


True/False: All programs are normally stored in ROM and loaded into RAM as needed for processing.


True/False: The instruction set for a microprocessor is unique and is typically understood only by the microprocessors of the same brand.


True/False: The CPU understands instructions written in a binary machine language.


True/False: A bit that is turned off is represented by the value -1.


True/False: The main reason for using secondary storage is to hold data for long periods of time, even when the power supply to the computer is turned off.


True/False: RAM is a volatile memory used for temporary storage while a program is running.


A(n) _______________ is a set of instructions that a computer follows to perform a task.


The term _______________ refers to all of the physical devices that a computer is made of.


The _______________ is the part of a computer that actually runs programs and is the most important component in a computer.


_______________ are small central processing unit chips.


Main memory is commonly known as _______________.


_______________ is a type of memory that can hold data for long periods of time, even when there is no power to the computer.

secondary storage

A disk drive stores data by _______________ encoding it onto a circular disk.


The disadvantages of a(n) _______________ are that it only holds small amounts of data, is slow to access data, and can be unreliable.

floppy disks

The Python _______________ is a program that can read Python programming statements and execute them.


In _______________ mode, the interpreter reads the contents of a file that contains Python statements and executes each statement.


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