Chapter 1 – First Look at Computer Parts and Tools

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Reduces the total cost of a system by reducing the number of expansion slots on the motherboard, reducing the power supplied to the board, and allowing for a smaller case size.


A short-range wireless technology used to connect two devices in a small personal network.


A slot used for expansion cards or video cards on a motherboard.


Draws heat from the CPU and pipes it to a fan, which then blows heat out of the case.

Heat sink

A series of tests performed by the startup UEFI/BIOS when you first turn on a computer.


Also called the processor, or microprocessor, does most of the processing of data and instructions for the entire system.

Central processing unit (CPU)

A smaller type of memory slot typically used for laptops.


Transmit digital video and audio and is slowly replacing VGA and DVI.

Display Port

A type of memory slot found on a motherboard.


A computer is said to be in this mode when all wireless technologies are turned off.

Airplane mode

A micro-ATX motherboard will fit into a case that follows what minimum standard?

ATX 2.1

How many pins are in the power supply connector that is typically used on most motherboards today?


How many pins are used in a parallel port, also known as an LPT port?


If you have a PCI Express Version 2 video card, how many pins will the power connector have if the card requires extra power?


In a cellular network, each cell is controlled by a tower. What are these towers called?

Base stations

Law enforcement agencies sometimes use what type of data to reconstruct a person’s travels?


Programs and data that are stored on a motherboard are referred to by what term?


The PCIe connectors on an ATX Version 2.2 power supply come in what two different configurations, depending on the version of PCI express involved?

6-pin and 8-pin

The two services that Windows must provide for an ExpressCard are:

Card service and socket service

What acronym is another name for static electricity, which can damage chips and destroy motherboards?


What are the two most common form factors that are used today for computer cases, power supplies, and motherboards?

ATX and mATX

What are two different ways by which a laptop could utilize the cellular network connection of a mobile device?

Tethering, hotspot

What audio port connects to an external home theater audio system, providing digital audio output?


What component is most likely to be installed in a PC, a considered primary storage, and typically stores the operating system, as well as its applications?

Hard disk drive

What connector has 4 pins, is used for older IDE drives and some SATA drives, and can provide +5 V and +12 V power outputs?

Molex connector

What general-purpose tool can measure characteristics of electricity in a variety of devices?


What is the component that usually has a dual-voltage selector switch and has cables that connect to the motherboard and drives called?


What is the most common pointing device on laptops?

A touch pad

What is the name for the type of flash memory that is used by mobile devices to store their apps and data?

Solid state device

What statement about an FRU is true?

A support technician should know how to replace one

What tool can help discover and report computer errors and conflicts that occur when you first turn on a computer and before the operating system is launched?

POST card

What two different types of firmware may be used on motherboards?


What type of port is sometimes used by routers for management and configuration purposes?

DB9 port

What type of port transmits both digital audio and digital video with a single connector?


Which statement is NOT true regarding motherboards?

Has a heat sink on the PCIe slots

A DVI port transmits a video signal and is also called a DB-15 port


A tower case conserves space since it can double as a monitor stand


An Ethernet port has a connector called an RJ-45 to connect to a network cable


Functions that used to be provided by expansion cards are more often found as onboard ports today


Hard drives have three connections for cables, one for reading data, one for writing data, and one for power


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