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Which of the following was the first widely used multiuser, multitasking OS?


Which of the following is a job typically performed by the kernel?

Managing CPU interactions

Which of the following can be described as program code that operates like a specialized hook into the operating system?


You are testing out a new multitasking operating system. In your testing, you find that some applications are not getting sufficient CPU time while other applications are getting more than necessary. Which component is likely to be the cause of this problem?


Which of the following accurately describes preemptive multitasking?

The OS allocates resources to applications but remains in full control

Which particular type of low-level code is responsible for starting an operating system on a computer?

Basic input/output system

Which of the following is NOT a task performed by the computer’s BIOS?

Manages Random Access Memory

Cooperative multitasking allows the operating system to remain in control of the computer at all times.


Which type of computer is most likely to be used for graphical design, film design, and animation?

High-end workstation

When a computing environment requires that some processing of applications takes place on a server and on a PC-class computer, which type of system are you using?

Client/server system

The code that exchanges information with specific hardware devices is referred to as which of the following?

Device driver

Which of the following does NOT require a device driver to be installed in the OS?

Installing additional RAM

What essential part of the operating system communicates with the BIOS, device drivers, resource managers, and APIs to coordinate operating system functions?


Which of the following can be described as a client/server computing model that offers scalable Web-based applications and services over the Internet?

Cloud computing

You have installed a new network adapter in a computer and rebooted the operating system. You go to check the settings of the network adapter, but you cannot find the device present in Windows. What is the most likely problem?

Bad or missing device driver

A word processor is best described as which type of operating system element?

Application software

You are planning to buy a new server that will act as the server portion of a client/server application. A colleague of yours makes some suggestions for the server’s OS. Which of the following suggestions are you least likely to adopt?

Windows 10

You are currently designing a cloud computing system that will host scalable Web-based applications accessible through a Web browser. This system will be available only to your company, but the resources will be made available through a third-party. What type of system should you use?

Hosted private cloud

The core of an operating system that coordinates system functions is referred to as the CPU.


Which of the following is NOT an I/O task performed y the operating system?

Executes program instructions

One function of the operating system’s kernel is managing the use of the computer’s RAM.


Which operating system, usually distributed for free, relies on open source software that is developed by volunteers and contains code in the public domain?


What type of programs specifically manage central processor and computer memory?

Resource managers

A separate device driver is typically present for each I/O device.


A large institution, such as a bank, may have thousands of transactions to process in which no user interaction is required; which type of computer system are you most likely to use?


Which of the following is NOT an I/O task performed by the operating system?

Executes program instructions

Which type of operating system would be best when implementing a new computing system for an industrial plant that will require an accurate system to receive and process inputs, and calculate the expected outputs in a specified period?


Which of the following is low-level programming code capable of starting a full-fledged operating system?


If you need to change specific parameters controlling the way your computer boots, which of the following components would you configure?


You want to design a small portable computer system with memory that can be updated, but that does not lose its contents when the device is turned off. What chip should be used?


An operating system allows the computer to execute I/O functions, enabling software applications to communicate with computer hardware.


You need to set up a new network with 15 workstations. You must provide access to network services for all 15 stations simultaneously and you have been told to use Active Directory in this network. Which OS should you use?

Windows 2000 Server

The firewall in Windows 7 is enhanced to monitor incoming communications only.


What feature of UNIX provides the GUI and is network-enabled?

X Window

You are the administrator for a company that has users that must access the network remotely on a regular basis. You want the remote connection to be secure using IPsec encryption and as easy as possible to set up for your users. What new feature found in Windows Server 2008 R2 along with Windows 7 can you use to accomplish this?


In which Windows desktop OS was the Start button replaced by the Start screen?

Windows 8

What feature in Windows Server 2012 gives you fine-tuned control over shared resources by using data classification?

Dynamic Access Control

If you suspect that a Windows problem is related to the database that stores hardware and software configuration information, which Windows component should you investigate?


Which of the following features differentiated Windows NT from Windows 95/98?

Windows NT’s kernel ran in privileged mode

The first true 32-bit operating system developed by Microsoft was Windows 3.1.


Windows 98 was the first Windows OS to use the Kerberos security system.


Which Windows Server 2016 installation option has a small footprint and does not support a local logon?

Nano Server

Windows 95 used cooperative multitasking for 16-bit applications and preemptive multitasking for 32-bit applications.


What new feature in Windows 10 allows you to expand your sign-in options by using your facial features or fingerprint if your hardware supports it?

Windows Hello

Mac OS X allows multiple users to access the OS in their own workspaces.


Which of the following is NOT a feature first introduced in Windows 2000?

User accounts and passwords

Which new tool introduced in Windows Server 2008 provides one location to set up, deploy, and manage server and server roles?

Server Manager

Which new installation option was introduced in Windows Server 2008 that is a bare-bones installation with a limited GUI?

Server Core

Which of the following is NOT a feature of the Windows NT security model?

All network data is encrypted

Which of the following features was first available in Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP?

64-bit Itanium support

You want to be able to take advantage of the new Server Core feature. You have both 32-bit and 64-bit computers you want to install Server Core on. Which Windows OS should you purchase?

Windows Server 2008

Which new feature in Windows Server 2012 provides administrators with the ability to manage storage of different sizes and interfaces, creating virtual disks that can be anything from a simple volume to a fault-tolerant RAID 5?

Storage spaces

From which OS did Windows XP evolve?

Windows 2000

What operating system feature enables the operating system to automatically detect newly installed hardware?

Plug and play

Which of the following OSs was the first to offer true 32-bit functionality?

Windows 95

Which of the following was a major change in Mac OS X that first occurred with Snow Leopard?

Support for only Intel-based processors

Which of the following will be launched automatically if Windows 7 detects a problem while booting the system?

Startup repair tool

To register your copy of a Windows operating system:

A Windows Server installable service that consists of a database of computers, users, shared printers, shared folders, and other network resources:

A logical grouping of computers and computer resources that helps manage these resources and user access to them:

Allows a server to run multiple independent operating systems at the same time along with running multiple virtual servers on one physical server:

A way to secure Internet protocol (IP) traffic by encrypting and authenticating each packet:

A feature of the operating system kernel introduced in Windows NT which protected it from problems created by a malfunctioning program or process:

A scaled-back version of Windows Server where all configurations and maintenance are done via the command-line interface:

Set of storage devices that appear to the server as being locally attached, but in fact are on their own network with access granted to the server:

A Windows database that stores information about a computer’s hardware and software configuration:

A process in the operating system that keeps track of the applications that are running on the computer and the resources they use:

Activate Active Directory Domain Hyper-V IP Security (IPSec) Privileged Mode Server Core Storage Area Network (SAN) Registry Task supervisor

Which of the following is a new feature in Windows 7 that allows you to organize files from multiple locations?


Which version of Windows Server has features for implementing a private cloud and comes with an option called Minimal Server Interface?

Windows Server 2012

You have created a number of different documents using several applications including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. These files are located in different folders on your hard drive. You want to be able to access these folders from a single location without actually moving them from their current location. What feature of Windows 7 can you use?


With what technique are two or more servers linked to equally share the server processor load?


An internal communications pathway inside a computer that specifies the source and target address for memory reads and writes:

The speed at which the processor communicates with the memory and other devices in the computer:

An internal communications pathway that carries data between the CPU and memory locations:

Computer architecture in which processor components are reconfigured to conduct different operations as required:

The part of a processor used to read and execute instructions:

The speed at which the CPU executes internal commands:

Internal communications pathway that keeps the CPU informed of the status of particular computer resources and devices:

The group of commands the processor recognizes:

Computer architecture that dedicates processor hardware components to certain functions:

A CPU design that permits the processor to operate on one instruction at the same time it is fetching one or more subsequent instructions:

Address bus External clock speed Data bus CISC Core Internal clock speed Control bus Instruction set RISC Pipelining

Which of the following is best described as a technology that enables a single processor to appear as two processors to the OS and allows multiple threads to run simultaneously?


Which hardware component predicts what data will be needed and makes that data available to the CPU’s internal memory?

Cache controller

The Intel Itanium processor is a CISC-based processor that uses a 128-bit architecture.


Which of the following is true about RISC CPU hardware?

It is less complicated and can perform pipelining more effectively

If you are concerned about how many bytes per second you computer can transfer from main memory to the CPU, what part of the computer are you concerned with?

Data bus

If your address bus is 16-bits wide, approximately how much memory can your computer address?

64K bytes

A CPU that has two or more sections that read and execute instructions is referred to as which of the following?

Multicore processor

You are building a new PC for yourself. You want your computer to have a quad-core processor made by AMD. Which processor family should you choose?

Phenom II

You have found an old dusty computer in your basement that you can identify as an original IBM PC. You ask your friend if he knows what CPU was used in these computers. Which of the following represents a correct response to your question?


Which CPU vendor developed a processor called Athlon?


Which part of the CPU is the "director of operations?"


The address bus almost always runs faster than the external clock speed of the CPU.


CPUs that run faster generally require more energy and generate more heat.


Which feature of RISC CPUs allows the processor to operate on one instruction at the same time it is fetching one or more subsequent instructions?


You have heard that the Linux distribution your are going to install to run a new application runs best on a RISC architecture. Which of the following CPU families should you consider for the computer on which you will install this Linux distribution?


If two parts of the same process can be executed simultaneously by the CPU, what feature is being used?


Which AMD processor line has 8 cores and runs up to 4.7 GHz?


In which part of a computer does CPU scheduling occur?

Operating system

You want your server to be able to access up to 32 GB of RAM. What should you be looking for?

64-bit address bus

If you are designing a CPU on which you want to memory that can be accessed at the internal clock speed of the CPU, which type of memory are you concerned with?

L1 Cache

Approximately how much data could a CPU with an external clock speed of 2 GHz and a 32-bit data bus transfer per second?

8 Gigabytes

You are creating specifications for a new high-end workstation. Which CPU should you choose if you want at least six CPU cores?

Intel Core i7

Which type of CPU was designed jointly by Motorola, Apple, and IBM?


A bus is the chip that performs the actual computational and logic work.


Which type of cache is found as part of more advanced CPUs, is shared among the CPU cores and typically comes in sizes of 8 and 16 MB?

Level 3

You are troubleshooting a computer that is in the design phase. The problem you see is that the CPU is not receiving information about the status of resources and devices connected to the computer. The CPU is also not receiving IRQs. What component of the computer do you suspect could be the problem?

Control bus

Which CPU, developed originally by DEC, had 64-bit data and address buses, and was the first chip to reach 1 GHz?


While troubleshooting a computer hardware problem, you find that the processor is not being informed when a device has data ready to be read or written. What is the likely problem?


A RISC CPU performs more complex instructions and use a uniform number of clock cycles for each instruction.


What is a name given to the process of a CPU switching between applications very quickly?

Time slicing

Which of the following statements is true about how disk drives are organized?

Tracks are divided into sectors

What command can you use to make the file named private.txt read-only?

attrib +r private.txt

You have just purchased a new hard drive to install in your Linux system. Before you can begin using the drive to store files, which of the following task must you complete?

Partition then high-level format

In a PC system, the partition that contains the bootable operating system

Active partition

The native file system in Linux is called ufs


In a folder hierarchy, the top, or primary, level is referred to as which of the following?


A colleague of yours uses Windows 7 and wants to organize her files so that files stored in several different folders can be easily grouped together and accessed as if they were in a single location. What feature of the Windows 7 file system do you suggest she use?


You have just partitioned a new disk into three partitions and formatted them NTFS 5. You want to be able to access these partitions as folders on the current C: drive. What feature can you use?

Volume mount points

You have a very large hard disk that is 1 TB. You want to organize your data into ten volumes on this disk. Your system is running Windows 10. What can you do to accommodate this?

Use a dynamic disk scheme and create 10 volumes

Originally, FAT-16 supported comparatively short filenames, referred to as 6.3 filenames.


Which type of operation writes the file system structure to the disk?


What PC systems call clusters, Mac systems refer to as allocation blocks.


You have a new hard disk that you want to put two different OSs on but each OS requires a different file system. What procedure must you perform before you can install the two OSs?

Partition the disk into two logical drives and install an OS on each logical drive

Which of the following folders in a Windows file system is NOT typically located directly off the root?


Which feature of the NTFS file system keeps a log of file system activity to help prevent loss of information if there is a power outage while your disk is in use?


Which of the following elements of a file system connects the names of files to the file data stored on the disk?


You are troubleshooting a friend’s computer and your diagnostic software reports a problem with the MFT. What file system is your friend’s computer using?


Which of the following statements is true about file storage on a FAT file system?

The clusters are organized as a linked-list

Which of the following is NOT an element of the MBR on a Windows system?

Master file table

You see a file in File Explorer named File251.chk. What file system utility has been run to create that file?


What type of structure is usually used to organize folders in a file system?


Since FAT-16 had a number of limitations, FAT-32 is now the dominant Windows file system since it supports built-in security features and better file compression.


A group of sectors on a disk is called which of the following?


One of the tasks of a file system is to provide a structure to organize files.


What structure does the Linux ext3 file system use to keep track of files in the file file system?


What command should you use to change the name of an existing volume?

Format /v

Which of the following statements is true about the FAT directory structure?

A backup of the FAT table is kept for each partition

Which of the following file systems supports file and folder permissions?


Which type of storage device in a Linux system has no logical division in blocks?


Which of the following is NOT a task typically performed by an OS’s file system?

Convert files between image formats

In the Macintosh file system, a division of hard disk data

Allocation block

The area of the hard disk that stores partition information for the disk

Boot block

A file management technique that permits multiple folder entries to point to the same file

Hard link

In UNIX/Linux, a system for storing key information about files


The ability of a file system or software to track file changes


Information that describes data but is not the actual data


A process that makes a disk partition or volume available for use


Equally sized portions of a disk track


Concentric rings that cover an entire disk


You have created a movie that is on a file that is almost 6 GB in size. You want to put the movie file on a flash drive so you can bring it to a friend’s house to show him. Your computer and your friend’s computer are both running Windows 10. Which file system should you use to format your 16 GB thumb drive?


Which of the following statements is true about Window Server 2012 minimum system requirements?

*NOT* at least 1.4 GHz 32-bit or 64-bit CPU

Which of the following is true about upgrading to Windows Server 2012?

Which of the following is a necessary step you should take before upgrading or migrating to a new OS?

make a complete backup of the current system

Which of the following is true of Windows 7?

Starter Edition is only available in a 32-bit version

You must upgrade to a 64-bit version of Windows 10 if you are running a 64-bit version of Windows 7.


Even with a PnP-capable OS, you may have to configure devices to work optimally with the OS.


Which version of Mac OS X can be installed on an Intel or PowerPC processor?


You are preparing to install Windows 10 on a computer that used to run Windows XP. This will be a clean installation. Which of the following are you least likely to need detailed information about before performing the installation?


You have a Windows Server 2008 32-bit Standard edition server and you want to upgrade to Windows Server 2012 Datacenter edition. Your CPU is 32-bit. What should you do?

Install Windows Server 2012 on a new server and migrate roles

When installing Windows Server 2012, what is the recommended installation option?

Server Core

You are preparing to upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10 but you are going to be cautious and make a backup of your system before proceeding with the installation. Which of the following should NOT be a consideration for performing your backup.

select only the data files for backup since the OS files and applications will not be affected by the upgrade

During the installation of the Windows 10 OS, which of the following are you likely to provide to the installation program?

where to install the OS

When choosing a computer for a test upgrade/migration, choose one that represents which of the following?

The lowest common denominator

Which of the following is NOT a task in preparation for installing an OS?

perform a low-level format on all disk drives

Which of the following is a true statement about PnP?

PnP devices may still require configuration for optimal performance

What process is required during the installation of the OS by all editions of Windows 10 except Enterprise?

enter an activation key

Which of the following is an edition or option that was dropped in Windows Server 2012?

Enterprise edition

Which of the following is NOT a server add-on package for Mac OS X?

Active Directory

If you are having trouble installing an OS because it does not seem to be detecting the computer hardware, which of the following should you check to try to resolve the problem?

the BIOS settings

Which of the following is NOT a typical function performed by the OS installation program?

backing up existing data

Studies have shown that upgrades and migrations to the latest OS are always cost-effective.


Which of the following statements is true about the Linux OS?

most Linux distributions can be used as either a desktop or server OS

You have a computer running a 32-bit CPU on which you want to install Windows Server 2008. Which of the following statements is true about your installation options?

you cannot install Windows Server 2008 R2

Which of the following Windows 7 editions does not have an upgrade path to Windows 10 Home?


Which edition of Windows 7 contains the same features as Ultimate edition except that it is used by companies with volume licensing?

Enterprise edition

You may have more trouble installing interface cards on a Macintosh computer because the devices are all built for generic hardware.


You have ten employees, each with their own computer. You currently have only one printer that is connected via USB to your computer. You frequently run into the problem where other employees try to print to the printer when your computer is shut down or when you are in a meeting. You have funds for a new printer but you don’t want to run into the same problems even if the printer is installed on another user’s computer. What do you suggest?

Buy a printer with LAN interface.

Which of the following is a good practice when you are installing a new device?

Check for a new driver.

You want to install a graphics card with the fastest available bus interface. What should you use?


Where are print job stored before they are sent to a printer?

Print queue

What protocol does a network-attached printer that can print over the Internet use?


You have attached a new USB camera to your computer but it doesn’t seem to be working. Which tool can you use to see if Windows successfully installed the driver and to see if the device is working correctly?

Device Manager

A user calls the help line and ask for some help installing a new keyboard. He isn’t sure how to plug the keyboard into the computer because it doesn’t have a cable connected to it. What advice are you likely to give him?

Plug the USB receiver into a USB port on the computer

A user complains that his new mouse doesn’t work right. He has an old system at home and when he has had this problem, he cleaned the ball on the underside of the mouse to fix it, but this mouse doesn’t have a ball on the underside. What can you tell him about his mouse?

The mouse is an optical mouse.

Which of the following is NOT a guideline you should follow to avoid damage to circuit boards during installation?

Be sure you are on a carpeted floor.

Which of the following is NOT a typical step in the process for installing new hardware on a Mac OS X system?

Configure dip switches

You have a hardcopy of a report that you found some errors on that must be corrected. The report is three pages long and you have about 20 minutes before a meeting you must attend to present the report. Unfortunately, the report was created on your laptop at home and you have no way of getting to it quickly. What is your best option?

Scan the report and use OCR; fix the errors and re-print the report.

Which of the following is a common format for distributing driver files?


What type of printer is most suitable for multi-part forms?

Dot matrix

What should you wear while installing a circuit board in a computer?

ESD wrist strap

The office manager of your company has instructed you to find a solution for a problem. A new employee is being hired and her desk will be located where there is a table that is occupied by an older model fax machine and scanner. There is no room to put the table anywhere else and the table that holds the inkjet printer is too small for the other two devices. There is money in the budget if funds are necessary. What do you recommend?

Replace the inkjet printer with a multifunction printer

Which of the following is NOT a type of device special file used in UNIX/Linux systems?

Stream special files

You recently purchased a new digital camera and now you want to print some of the photos you have been taking. Which type of printer are you most likely to use to print your photos?


The management software for your sound card has just downloaded and installed the latest driver for your sound card. After a reboot your computer shows signs of instability and the sound skips. What feature should you use to resolve the problem that will cause the least disruption?

Driver roll back

You manage several hundred Windows 10 computers for your company. In the past, your support staff has spent a lot of time troubleshooting issues related to incompatible or faulty device drivers. You want to reduce the amount of troubleshooting your staff is doing. What is one step you can take that will help?

Configure driver signing to disallow unsigned drivers

You need to install a new sound card for a colleague’s computer. Which of the following does NOT represent a typical method for installing the driver on a Windows system?

Programs and Features

What is the most common expansion bus standard among computer hardware manufacturers?


You are about to install a new USB camera on your Linux system and you realize that there is no device special file available for your device. What command can you use on the system to create a new device special file?


Where should you look for the configuration settings of your printer on a Linux computer?


What type of device special file is typically used for devices connected to USB ports?


Device drivers perform the actual communication between physical devices and the operating system.


A print spooler is a log file that maintains a history of print jobs.


You want to take advantage of a new VoIP application you just downloaded. What type of device will you need to use this application?

Sound card

Device drivers are always built-in to the operating system and provided by the operating system vendor.


IEEE 1394 interfaces are targeted towards comparatively slow peripherals such as keyboards and mice.


Thin provisioning allocates all configured space immediately, ensuring that the space is available for the specified virtual disk.


Disks that are formatted using the GUID Partitioning Table (GPT) can hold larger volume sizes, and benefit from increased reliability provided by which feature below?

Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC)

A simple space storage layout is similar to which non-fault tolerant RAID technology?


Which tape format has the least capacity?


What type of storage typically shares files utilizing standard network protocols, such as Server Message Block (SMB), Network File System (NFS), and File Transfer Protocol (FTP)?

Network Attached Storage

A hard drive or solid state drive that is physically installed inside of a workstation would generally be considered to be what type of storage?

Local Storage

Which of the following is NOT true about SSD drives compared to mechanical drives?

they come in much larger capacities

SATA drives have mostly replaced PATA drives and have faster transfer times.


If a disk pool becomes full, how does Windows Server 2012 respond?

The disk pool is moved to an offline state until more physical storage is added

Which SATA version supports transfer speeds up to 6 Gb/s?

Version 3

With SAN technology, servers use a separate network to communicate with the storage device.


Which Linux command will mount a virtual disk into the file system?

mount mydisk.img /mnt/vdisk

Which disk subsystem is considered to be the most reliable for use in enterprise and high-utilization environments?


Which method for creating Linux volumes is similar to using dynamic disks in Windows?


Which of the following is NOT a Linux/Unix file or disk management command?


The \Windows folder is located on what volume?

Boot volume

What command can you use in Linux to create a new file that is 300 MB for use in creating a virtual disk?

fallocate -l 300M vdisk.img

An administrator wants to utilize a RAID volume that provides redundancy using disk striping with parity. What type of RAID should the administrator select?


Which of the following statements is NOT true of cloud storage?

you connect to cloud storage using a local SAN

Which of the following represents a valid Linux command to mount a CD/DVD drive?

mount -t iso9660 /dev/cdrom /cdrom

What type of volume utilizes two or more physical disks, and fills each disk sequentially, rather than using striping?

Spanned volume

Due to the limitations of MBR partitioning, what type of partition must be created in order to utilize logical drives?

Extended partition

Which type of tape drive is most widely accepted in the high-end server market because of its high performance?


Which of the following is true about using GPT versus MBR?

GPT supports larger disks than MBR

What feature new to Windows Server 2012 provides the ability to find identical sets of data on a SAN based storage array and reduce the identical sets to a single instance, in order to reduce space?

Data deduplication

A parity space storage layout is similar to a RAID 1 volume, in that a parity bit is written to the spare drive.


A Terabyte is the same as which of the following values?

1,000,000 MB

The biggest disadvantage in using virtual disks instead of physical volumes is the lack of portability.


The LVM uses physical disk partitions referred to as which of the following?

Volume groups

Hyper-V was first introduced with Windows Server 2012.


Which Microsoft virtualization product runs on Windows 7, but is no longer supported in Windows 8 and later?

Virtual PC

You need a suitable computer to run VirtualBox on that has enough RAM and disk space to run at least four virtual machines. Which component of virtualization are you concerned with?

Host computer

Which of the following is an open-source hypervisor?

Citrix XenServer

When configuring the virtual network for a VM in VMware Workstation, which network adapter option should you choose if you want the VM to have an IP address that works on the physical network?


Which of the following is NOT a typical application for hosted virtualization?

Consolidation of production servers

What is another term for a type 1 hypervisor?

Bare-metal virtualization

Which cloud computing category allows a company to quickly provision additional disk space?

Hosted infrastructure

You recently bought an enterprise server that you will use for virtualization. You need to run as many as ten virtual machines with Windows Server 2012 as the guest OS. To save on licensing costs, what edition of Windows Server 2012 should you purchase?


You have a VM that no longer boots after you installed several applications and services. Which of the following can get your VM back up and running quickly?

Revert to a snapshot

The VM is the part of virtualization software that creates and monitors the virtual hardware environment.


When configuring the virtual network for a VM in VMware Workstation, which network adapter option should you choose if you want the VM to have an IP address assigned from the host computer?


When configuring the virtual network for a VM in VMware Workstation, which network adapter option should you choose if you want the VM to be on a private network, isolated from the host and the physical network?

LAN segment

In which type of networking model are data, applications, and processing power managed by servers on the Internet?

Cloud computing

You are running a virtual desktop infrastructure and you need VMs to be allocated automatically when a user requests one. What feature should you use?

Dynamic provisioning

You are running an old PC with Windows XP installed. You have gotten a new computer with Windows 10 but you want to be able to still run some of the applications installed on your old PC using virtualization. What can you do?

Use physical-to-virtual conversion

Virtualization is a process that emulates an operating system.


You have a virtual machine running on a type 1 hypervisor on Server1 and you need to move the VM to Server2 without shutting the VM down. What feature can you use?

Live migration

You want to try out a software package that runs on Linux and you want to run it as a VM in VMware Workstation Player. You don’t want to have to install Linux and the software package, what should you do?

Download a virtual appliance

In which cloud computing category would a company deliver cloud services to their own employees using Hyper-V?

Private Cloud

One convenience of installing a guest OS in a VM is being able to boot to the installation program with an ISO file rather than a DVD disk.


Which cloud computing category refers to the use of software hosted on a service provider’s network, and is usually subscription based?

Software as a Service

VirtualBox supports unlimited snapshots.


Which of the following is a hosted virtualization product?


What should you install in a guest OS running on VMware Workstation to optimize network, video, and disk drivers?

VMware Tools

Which of the following is the virtual environment that emulates a physical computer’s hardware and BIOS?


You want to test an application upgrade on a server that is running as a guest OS in Hyper-V. You want an exact duplicate of the server so you can test the upgrade without affecting the production server. What should you do?

Create a clone

You want to run Hyper-V on your Windows 10 desktop computer. What should you do?

Use the "Turn Windows features on or off" utility

You are running Windows 7 Pro and want to use a virtualization program so you can test out Windows 10 and also work with other operating systems. What should you install?

A type 2 hypervisor

When two computers are communicating on a LAN, which part of the process adds MAC addresses of the sending and receiving computers to the message?

Network interface software

A Web browser is an example of which type of network component?

Network client

Which network component allows computers to communicate on a network without being connected directly to each other?

Interconnecting device

In a wireless network using an access point, how does the sending device know that the frame was received?

**NOT **** It doesn’t know the frame was received or it does not receive an error message OR an ICMP timeout is received

If a user wants to communicate with another computer using its name, what must be available on the network?

A name server

You want a Windows Server 2012 computer to handle network logons and enforce network access and security policies. How should you configure this computer?

As a domain controller

What part of a frame does a switch use to determine where to forward the frame?

Destination MAC address

Network client software allows a computer to share its resources by responding to resource requests generated by network servers.


About how much data is typically transferred in each packet or frame?

1500 bytes

The Internetwork layer is where the IP protocol operates.


Your company has formed a partnership with another company and you want to allow certain resources to be shared between the two companies. What should you create?

an extranet

LANs form the building blocks for larger networks called internetworks.


In a network that uses TCP/IP, each computer has two addresses, a logical address and a physical address.


Your company has just opened an office in another state and you need the computers to communicate between the offices. What type of network should you create?


A colleague has asked you where the media access control address of his computer is located? What do you tell him?


Why is the MAC address also referred to as the physical address?

It is stored as part of the NIC

Which of the following is NOT a typical reason for creating an internetwork?

you’re running a legacy operating system on one of your servers

Routers do not forward broadcast packets.


Which of the following is a property or feature of a router?

Works with packets

Which type of cabling are you most likely to install in a new LAN?

Cat 6

In which layer of the network communication process is the message packaged in a format suitable for the network and sent to the NIC driver?

Network protocol

Which network component is responsible for defining rules and formats a computer must used when sending information across a network?

Network protocol

Which of the following is NOT a function of a hub?

Inspects frames

Which of the following is true of IPv6 addresses?

They are 128 bits in length

A computer’s primary purpose is to serve Web pages and respond to email transfer requests. Which operating system are you most likely using?

Windows Server 2012

Which of the following is NOT a task performed by a NIC and its driver?

Receives frames from the network protocol

File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Network is an example of which type of network component?

Network server

You are diagnosing a network communication problem on a computer that uses the TCP/IP protocol. What address can you use to test network services without actually accessing the network medium?

Which network component extends from a computer’s NIC to a switch?

Network medium

You are trying to create a user from the command line on a Linux computer. You get an error that permission is denied. What should you do?

Preface the command with sudo

You shared a folder on a Windows computer. What is the default share permission?

Everyone Read

NFS is that native Linux/UNIX file sharing protocol and is supported by Windows and Mac OS X.


What do you use to access shared folders and printers on a Windows computer?

UNC path

In Linux, a network drive that is attached to the file system is referenced with a drive letter.


You have shared a folder on Windows 10, how many users can access the shared folder simultaneously?


You want to access shared folders on a Windows computer named WinServ from your Mac OS X computer. What do you type in the Connect to Server dialog box?


What command should you use on a Linux computer to access a Windows share named mydocs from a server name WinServ?

smbclient //WinServ/mydocs

Global groups are used to hold user accounts while domain local groups are used to hold Global groups and provide access to resources.


You want to view a list of users on a Linux system. What command should you use?

cat /etc/passwd

Which type of Mac OS X account can run applications and create files in their home folder but cannot perform administrative actions such as installing devices?


You want to automate the process of mapping drive letters to shares when users log on to a Windows domain. What should you do?

Create a batch file

You have a multi-domain Windows Server 2016 forest. You need to make a shared folder available to users from several domains. What type of group should you create to add the users to and assign permissions to the resource?


Which option found in the Advanced Sharing dialog box controls how offline files are configured?


What is the correct syntax to map drive letter X: to a share named myshare on a server named server1?

net use X: \\server1\myshare

Which component of printer sharing in Windows is a storage location for pending print jobs?

Print queue

Which command can you use in Linux to give the current logged on user temporary root permissions?


Which of the following is the correct syntax for specifying the UPN for a user named jsmith on the mydomain.local domain?


Which of the following is a native Linux printer sharing protocol?


Windows computers can make a shared drive look like a local drive by mapping.


In Mac OS X, Sharing Only accounts can log on to the local Mac computer and access shared files and printers on other computers.


Which special identity group refers to the object on which permissions are being set?


You want to configure a printer with two print devices so that the print server sends print jobs to the print device that is least busy. What should you configure?

Printer pooling

Which file sharing client component intercepts requests for resources and examines it to determine whether the resource is local or remote?

a redirector

You have shared a folder on a Windows server that is a part of a domain. You need to assign permissions to users so they can access the shared folder. Which type of group will you use to make the permissions assignment?

Domain local

What file should you edit to configure an SMB share on Linux?


Which type of Mac OS X account cannot log on to the local Mac computer, but can access shared files and printers to which the account has been given permission from another computer?

Sharing Only

Which of the following is NOT a Windows share permission?


You need to create a user on your Red Hat Enterprise Linux system. What command should you use?


You are explaining to a colleague how to make a shared resource available on a Linux file system. Which of the following terms best describes what you should tell him?

Mount a volume

What command-line utility can you use in Linux to monitor paging?


Which of the following is NOT true about using the ping utility?

It cannot work through routers

Under what circumstance should you always let Windows manage the paging file size when running Windows Server 2012 and newer?

What is name for a network problem in which the NIC saturates the network with repeated packets?

Broadcast storm

What is a good response time on a LAN for the ping utility?

1 ms

Which of the following RAID configurations uses disk striping plus mirroring for fault tolerance?


Which utility can you use in Linux to see basic statistics for your network interface?


Which of the following values is the recommended maximum percentage of disk space you should use for best reliability?


Which of the following is a general rule you should consider when configuring a page/swap file in Windows?

the initial size should be set to 1.5 times the amount of RAM

Which of the following is NOT an argument for using RAID?

Decreased costs

Which of the following is NOT a good rule to follow when creating a file structure?

create a folder for deleted files to be stored temporarily

Which of the following is a true statement about rotating backup media?

it can protect against media failure

Which of the following is a method to defragment a hard disk?

backup the disk and do a full restore

The organization of the file system on a server has no impact on network performance or security.


Which of the following is a database of information about the Windows operating system including customized settings and software installations?


Which command should you use on a Linux system to find and print a list of files that begin with acctg that have been modified in the last 10 days?

find -name acctg* -mtime -10 -print

Which backup type creates an exact image of the disk contents?

Binary backup

A differential backup backs up files that have changed since the last full backup.


Deleting temporary files on a Windows system is not necessary because Windows doesn’t create temporary files.


Which of the following commands should you use to delete files on a Linux system?


Disk fragmentation causes reduced disk performance because the disk read/write heads must move longer distances.


Which command should you run on a Windows system to check for and fix problems with the file system?


Which of the following is a file extension that indicates the file type of application in a Windows environment?


Which of the following is a file extension in Windows that indicates an ActiveX control?


If you analyze your disk and find that most of the files are stored contiguously on the disk, what should you do?

Nothing, the files are stored optimally.

Which of the following is a partial backup that backs up files that have changed since the last full or incremental backup?


Where is virtual memory stored on a Linux system?

swap file system

Virtual memory is a storage area in a computer’s RAM that is set aside for the page file.


You find that disk operations on your server have gradually gotten slower. You look at the hard disk light and it seems to be almost constantly active and the disk seems noisier than when you first installed the system. What is the likely problem?

The disk is fragmented

In modern Windows operating systems, such as Windows 10, what feature can you configure to return to a previous system configuration in case one or more system files are deleted or if the installation of a new device causes operating system problems?

System protection

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