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Jana always chooses the taller glass of grape juice when her older brother pours them both a glass of juice. In this process, Jana is applying the concept of ___.


The set of skills a person can perform with assistant but not independently is considered to be within the development is called the ___.

zone of proximal development.

The temporary sensitive support structure sets up to help children transfer the zone of proximal development is called ___


Children between the age of __ to ___ have been shown to be more interested in asking questions about the purpose of thinking and about human behaviors than about other inanimate objects.

3 to 5

The text mentions two types of words that young children have a lot of trouble comprehending. One is comparison and the other is ____

the relationships of place and time

Elisa is becoming more fluent in English than in her native Spanish. She is exhibiting. She is exhibiting ____

language shift

Tessa is equally fluent in her second language, English, is as her native Italian. Teresa is a ___

balanced bilingual

Child-centered programs are influenced by___ who believes that children can learn much from other children with the guidance of the adults.


The social program developed to focus on structured, individualized projects designed to give children a sense of accomplishment was developed by ___

Mana Montesson

Currently, a very popular child-centered approach to early childhood education is the ___ pioneer in Italy.

Reggio Emilia

Preoperational intelligence differs from sensorimotor intelligence:
a) goes beyond senses and motor skills.
b) includes logical reasoning.
c) is characterized by reversibility of thought.
d) is comprised of simple attraction.


Nine-year-old-Bobby has no problem understanding that the 20-year-old who sometimes says with him is both a student and babysitter. According to Piaget, Bobby’s thinking is no longer characterized by:
a) conservation (difference in shape means more even when it’s same)
b) objective permanent
d) concentration ( focus on one idea)


to asume that the world is unchanging is to engage in
a) magical thinking
b) static reasoning
c) centration
d) irreversibility


Jack doesn’t believe that his short hair cut will be longer again is the concept of:
a) illogic
b) centration
c) egocentrism
d) irreversibility


best example of scaffolding:
a) David helps his son build a model airplane by assembling it while his son watches
b) Richard buy a do it your self kite-kit for his 6-year-old daughter. He lays all of the pieces for her and allows her to do it herself.
c) Vivan buy a Wii for his 5 year-olds kid. He sets up for her and allows her to do figure out how to turn it on and use the remote.
d) Mirriam helps her son make cookies. She measures all of the ingredients out and places them on thecounter on the small bowl. She reads the recipes aloud while simplifies it as Ben places the ingredients in the bowl and mixes them together with a spoon.


One underlying factor allowing the development of theory of mind is :
a) the simultaneous development of magical thinking
b) maturation of the prefrontal cortex
c) static reasoning
d) centration


A young child will have the most difficult time understand words with
a) describe color
b) describe shape
c) express emotion
d) express the relationships of place and time


thinking about one idea at a time , ignoring other ideas is known as :
a) centration
b) animism
c) conservation
d) egocentrism


According to recent research, the development of theory of mind is age related and a function of:
a) a rich social context
b) consistent scaffolding
c) the zone of proximal development
d) the maturation of prefrontal cortext


Teacher-directed preschool programs stress:
a) academics
b) arts
c) music
d) language


according to Erickson, the crisis experienced by children during the play year is ____ versus guilt


a person who attends college to please his or her parents as opposed to going to college to learn for his own sake is exhibiting ____ innovation.


in classic experiment with children designed to look at ____, the results revealed that extrinsic motivation undercut intrinsic motivation.


an illness or disorder of the mind is ___


Children tend to prefer to play with playmates of the same ___ and social status.


organization such as the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Psychiatric Association recommend that children under the age of ___ should not use electronic media.


an unprovoked attack on a peer is called ___ aggression, whereas aggression used to obtain an object is called ___ aggression.

bullying and instrumental

Children who develop into successful, happy adult who are generous with others tend to be rared by ___ parents.


during childhood, children are more likely to loose friends as a result of ___ aggression than any other type of aggression.


Freud called the period from age 3 to 6 the ___ stage.


William is at the store and see the construction set. He asked his dad if he can have it for his birthday. His dad ask him if he think he would be able to use it.Willam reminded his dad at how good he was at building models with his Legos. Which demonstrate at this model:
a) Willam’s dad inappropriate questioning of William’s sense of initiative
b) William needs to prove himself worthy to his father
c) Willam’s positive of sell-concept
d) William’s sense of shame and doubt


Which of the following aids a young child in demonstrating the new initiative that Erikson describes?
a) a longer attention span resulting from neurological maturity
b) a certain amt of guilt and shame
c) strong felling of competence
d) apprenticeship opportunities offered by a child’s parents


When 4-year-old Karen is angry, she lashed out by hitting. This is an example of:
a) an internalizing problem
b) an externalizing problem
c) modulated emotional expression
d) frustration management.


Joe is very warm and nurturing of her children. He loves them very much and does not believe in a punishment of any sort. Which type of parent he is?
a) authoritarian.
b) authoritative
c) neglecting
d) permissive


Sometimes, minority and some Western parents are categorized as ___, because of their punishment styles. but that label maybe misapply since many are also warm and affectionate.
a) authoritative
b) authoritarian
c) permissive
d) neglecful


Jell fell from his tricycle and skinned his knee. He began to cry and his friend, Andre, who started to cry after watching him fall.Applying research with mirror neurons to this situation. We might say that:
a) Andre’s brain was activated to feel sorry for Jell
b) Andre’s brain was activated to feel Jell’s pain
c) Andre’s emotional regulation was disturbed by Jell’s fall
d) Andre’s sense of friendship prompted him to feel miserable.


of the different types of aggression, the most destructive and threatening is:
a) instrumental aggression
b) reactive aggression
c) bullying aggression
d) relational aggression


In Freudian theory, when a little boy develops sexual feeling toward his mother and becomes jealous of his father, this is called:
a) the Electra complex
b) penis envy
c) the Oedipus complex
d) identification


Theories focus on children understanding as opposed to observable behaviors are:
a) social cultural theories
b) psycho analytic theories
c) behavioral theorists
d) cognitive theorists.


The average weight for a 6 year-old is between ___ and ____ pounds.

40 and 50

Myelination results in more rapid___ of neural impulses.


The brain part that that allows children to coordinate functions that involve both half of the body is called___

corpus callosum

The right side of the brain controls the ___ side of the body.


In most adults, the brain is organized in such a way that the area of language development are located in the ____ hemisphere of the brain.


The "executive function" area of the brain where planning, selecting, and coordinating thoughts are carried out is called the ____

prefrontal cortex

Young Sophie having troubles by frightening nightmare lately. The part of her brain that registers her fear is the____


The part of the lymbic system responses to the signals from the amygdala and hypocampus by producing cotisol is called ___

injury consideration

The texts define ___ as all intentional harm to, or a avoidable endangerment, of any one under the age of 18.

child maltreatment

While maltreated children typically suffer from physical and cognitive deficits, deficits in ___ are even more pronounced.

social skills

With ___ prevention, we try to prevent maltreatment from every occurring.


With ___ prevention, we try to halt ongoing maltreatment, and treat the child.


To help prevent children from developing health problems in adulthood, parents can help provide them with ______.

healthy foods

Rather than parents, it is ____ that determine the quality of school lunches


the best approach level for prevention of asthma is ___

primary prevention

Alexandra is able to concentrate on her homework even though her house is very noisy. She is exhibiting ______ to her studying.

selective attention

the process through which thoughts and actions become routine is ____


we should use a ____ test to measure how much a person knows about a particular subject.


The three types of intelligence characterized by Robert Sternberg are academic, ___, and practical


The ninth intelligence Gardner identified is___


A failing in a specific cognitive skill that is not attributable to an overall intellectual slowness, a physical condition, or an environmental problem is a(n) ______.

learning disability

Being overweight means having a body mass index (BMI) above the ______ percentile of growth charts; whereas obese means having a BMI above the ______ percentile. A) 85th; 95th B) 75th; 85th C) 70th; 90th D) 80th; 90th


The belief that our society’s obsession with cleanliness and sterile environments may actually increase the risk of asthma is referred to as: A) the sterile environment theory. B) the hygiene hypothesis. C) the spore theory. D) the immunity hypothesis


In a game of dodge ball played by a large group of second-graders, the same children regularly get hit with the ball. This probably is due to:
A) sex differences in motor skills.
B) poor gross-motor skills. C) slow reaction time. D) lack of practice.


Aptitude tests are designed to measure: A) how much has been learned. B) potential for learning. C) capacity for divergent thinking. D) verbal abilities.


Achievement tests are designed to measure: A) how much has been learned. B) potential for accomplishment. C) capacity for divergent thinking. D) verbal abilities.


Developmental psychopathology has given us the following lesson applicable to all children: A) Disability as it relates to children is a static issue. B) Abnormality is normal. C) Most childhood disorders have been misdiagnosed. D) Adulthood is an exaggeration of childhood disorders.


Emma’s speech at age 3 was difficult to understand, and she did not demonstrate the typical language explosion. Now at age 8, she is experiencing difficulty in school. Her early speech history may have been an early indication for: A) dyslexia. B) pervasive developmental disorder. C) ADHD. D) Asperger syndrome.


The chief characteristic of children with autism spectrum disorder is lack of: A) speaking. B) eye contact. C) smiling. D) social skills.


Late onset of autism occurs with which disorder? A) Down syndrome B) Rett syndrome C) Turner syndrome D) fragile X syndrome


Most likely, autism is caused by: A) genetic factors alone. B) parents’ early child-care methods. C) genetic vulnerability coupled with other factors. D) uncaring, cold parents, especially the mother.


Beginning at about 7 or 8 years, the child becomes capable of concrete operational thought and is able to grasp identity, reversibility, and other ______ principles.


The analysis and flow of information within the information-processing system is regulated by ______ processes.


Results of research in the area of language development in low- versus high-SES families indicate that there are great benefits of parents __________ to children.


Teachers instruct children in their native language as well as in English with ______ education.


With regard to norms and expectations of math acquisition, children should know how to count to 100 by the age of _______.


The series of federally sponsored tests given in the United States is called the ______.

NAEP ( national assessment of education progress)

______ are schools that are licensed and funded by states or local districts as well as through private money or sponsors.
Multiple choice questions:


The logical principle that objects can be grouped according to some characteristics that they share is: A) concrete thought. B) transitive inference. C) classification. D) reversibility


The ability to understand the connection between one fact and another, even though it is not stated, is called: A) transitional thinking. B) abstract reasoning. C) intuition. D) transitive inference.


Evaluating a cognitive task to determine how best to accomplish and monitor one’s performance is called:
A) automatization. B) decentration. C) metacognition. D) social standards.


Given the importance of metacognition, it is helpful for educators to:
A) teach children in small groups. B) stress phonics in learning to read. C) focus on helping children learn facts. D) teach cognitive strategies.


In their learning and problem-solving abilities, school-age children differ from preschoolers in that they:
A) devote equal time to all tasks, easy or difficult.
B) use fewer external aids such as making lists.
C) rely mainly on memory skills in problem solving.
D) can evaluate their own progress.


Compared to children from middle-class families, a characteristic of language in children from low-SES families is that their:
A) grammar is simpler.
B) vocabularies are larger.
C) sentences are longer.
D) sentences are more complex.


Children learn best if teaching reflects their:
A) language.
B) personal experiences.
C) motivation.
D) culture.


Public schools that have their own sets of standards and that are licensed by the state and funded by private money and sponsors are:
A) voucher schools.
B) private schools.
C) religious schools.
D) charter schools.


According to Erikson, the developmental crisis children face in middle childhood is that of ______.

industry vs inferiority

Freud placed school-age children in the stage of ______.

latency period

The ability to compare oneself with others is called ______.

social comparition

Children who overcome severe problems in childhood are sometimes referred to as "invincible," or ______.


One of the most important factors in helping a child to deal with stress is ______ support, which can include churches and libraries.


Three of the essential functions of the ______ for school-age children should include providing basic necessities, helping the child to develop self-respect, and nurturing peer relationships.


Steve, a divorced father of two, and Caroline, a widowed mother of three, got married and created a ______ of five.

stepparent family

Two factors that can interfere with good family function anywhere are high conflict and ______.

low income

The ______ is perhaps the most influential group for school-age children.


Regarding codes of ______ in middle childhood, children are more likely to behave prosocially during this time than earlier in their lives.


Why is it so important that children learn a sense of industry or competence?
A) It allows them to stand up to their parents and gain a sense of autonomy.
B) It assures them a place high in the peer group.
C) It provides structure and discipline in their lives.
D) It provides a crucial defense against emotional problems.


The percentage of school-age children that live in households headed by a single father is: A) 1 percent. C) 4 percent. B) 3 percent. D) 6 percent.


Dimitri has been married before and has two biological children. He has just married Natasha, who has also been married before and has a biological son. Their family is an example of a:
A) polygamous family.
C) blended family.
B) nuclear family.
D) traditional family.


School-age children would most admire:
A) Timmy, whose mother kisses him good-bye at school. B) Marla, who was punished for not telling the teacher who threw a paper airplane.
C) Mary, who is the third-grade teacher’s favorite.
D) Billy, who spends most of his free time with adults.


The particular habits, styles, and values that reflect the set of rules and rituals that characterize children as distinct from adult society define:
A) the culture of children.
C) the lives of childhood.
B) peer values.
D) the legends of childhood.


How do friendships of 10-year-olds differ from those of 6-year-olds?
A) 10-year-olds demand less of their friends.
B) 10-year-olds find it easier to make new friends.
C) 10-year-olds change friends less often.
D) 10 year-old are less upset when friendship breaks up


When children are able to understand social interactions, including the causes and consequences of behavior, they have acquired a measure of:
A) concrete operational thought.
B) reversibility.
C) social cognition.
D) self-control.


Susan decides not to tell the teacher that her classmate Ian is cheating on the math exam because she’s afraid the other kids will call her a snitch. This is an example of Kohlberg’s stage ______ of moral development. A) 1 B) 2 C) 3 D) 4


Kohlberg’s theory has been criticized because:
A) his "universal" stages do not reflect liberal, Western values.
B) his theory doesn’t emphasize stages strongly enough.
C) the theory is seen as not taking into account cultural differences.
D) the theory emphasizes differences between men and women.


The transitional process that ends childhood is called ______.


In the male, the first invisible signs of puberty are a dramatic increase in the hormone ______ and a slight increase in the hormone ______.

testosterone and estradiol

Data regarding the phase delay of adolescence has shown that high school students who start school ______ in the day are often less likely to fall asleep during the day.


. Girls are approximately ______ years ahead of boys in height.


Although there is an established link between stress and puberty, scientists still debate whether stress ______ puberty.

causes early

Girls who develop ______ than their friends tend to have lower self-esteem than peers.


Poor nutrition and dieting in adolescence, as well as insecurity about the way one looks, can be attributed to one’s ______.

body image

"STI" stands for ______.

sexual transmitted infection

Worldwide, sexually active teenagers have ______ rates of the most common STIs—gonorrhea, genital herpes, and chlamydia—than sexually active people of any other age group.


The creativity that is often so characteristic of adolescence may, in part, be attributed to the brain’s underdeveloped ______.


Nancy has just experienced a sudden growth spurt. Soon she will notice: A) the appearance of pubic hair. B) breast development. C) her first menstrual period. D) an increase in her shoe size.


John noticed that his testes have grown larger. His next growth event will probably be: A) development of his beard. B) appearance of his pubic hair. C) his first ejaculation. D) his voice change.


The biological events that begin puberty involve a hormonal signal from the: A) cerebellum. C) hippocampus. B) hypothalamus. D) ovaries or testes.


In females, the glands that are sometimes perceived as the sex glands are the: A) hypothalamus and the pituitary. B) pituitary and adrenals. C) HPA axis. D) ovaries.


15. About ______ of the variation in age of puberty is determined by genes. A) one-half C) one-fourth B) two-thirds D) three-fourths


Recent research indicates that there is a direct link between deficiencies in the adolescent diet and: A) the price of energy drinks.
B) the availability of vending machines on high-school campuses. C) increased consumption of pizza and soda. D) short lunch periods at school.


During the growth spurt, the last part(s) of the body to grow is (are) the: A) limbs. C) nose, lips, and ears. B) torso. D) hands and feet.

b torso ( than tren)

Secondary sex characteristics are characteristics that: A) occur later in development. B) are hard to detect. C) are inside the body. D) are not directly related to reproduction.


Which of the following statements is listed in the textbook as one of the reasons that sex has become less problematic worldwide in past decades?
A) Overall, teen births have risen.
B) The use of "protection" has declined.
C) The teen abortion rate is down.
D) Sexual taboos have become weaker.


José enjoys sports, especially running. As an adolescent, he has the potential to become a star athlete. Which of the following influences will be most beneficial to him in reaching his full potential?
A) development of his prefrontal cortex and support of his peers
B) encouragement of his family and myelination of his sensory cortex

C) development of his limbic system and influence of pubertal hormones
D) rapid changes in myelination in his brain and guidance of an experienced coach


Demonstrating their adolescent egocentrism, young adolescents consider themselves to be uniquely ______.

special and significant than they actually are.

Drake, an adolescent, drank six energy drinks in 3 minutes. Even though he started to experience heart palpitations, he knew he would not suffer any ill effects. His certainty resulted from his ______.

invincibility fable

An adolescent girl suffers great discomfort at having to go to math class with wet hair after her swimming class, because she feels that all eyes are on her. This girl, like many adolescents, is responding to a(n) ______, which she supposes will judge her appearance harshly.

imaginary audience

Piaget referred to the stage of cognitive development that involves the ability to think logically about abstract ideas as ______.

formal operational thought

Eight-year-old Eddie is learning multiplication by multiplying real numbers. His 16-year-old sister is also learning to multiply, but she is using unreal numbers. Eddie is in the ______ operational stage of cognitive development and his sister is in the ______ operational stage.

formal (4th) concrete (3rd)

______ thought arises not from a logical premise, but from beliefs and assumptions.


Even though Josh did not like the 3-hour movie, he sat through it because it cost him $8. His thinking demonstrates the ______.

dual-process model

Luis is in the 7th grade. Most likely, he is attending a(n) ______ school.


Often during middle school, academic achievement ________ and behavioral problems ________.

decreases increases

An unintended consequence of high-stakes testing is ______ dropout rates.


Because adolescents regard themselves as uniquely special:
A) it is difficult for them to envision another person’s perspective.
B) it is easy for them to envision another person’s perspective.
C) they embrace many points of view.
D) they believe everyone feels what they feel.

D 408 (they believe everyone is as egocentric as they are)

What is the name of the theorist who coined the terms personal fable and invincibility fable?
A) Erikson
C) Elkind
B) Skinner
D) Kohlberg


he power of the invincibility fable may be observed in:
A) young military recruits who hope to be sent into combat.
B) a 17-year-old boy who drives cautiously.
C) an 18-year-old girl who insists that her boyfriend use a condom during sex.
D) an adolescent who sings in front of the bathroom mirror, knowing that the neighbors must be listening.


Compared with younger children, when thinking about historical or other serious problems adolescents tend to:
A) be less consistent in their reasoning.
B) bring in more unrelated arguments.
C) consider more possibilities.
D) make judgments based only on the facts.

C 410 In contrast to concrete operational children, formal operational adolescents imagine all possible determinants.

The dual-process model of thinking is defined by the notion that:
A) adolescents use one neural pathway for decision making and adults use an entirely different pathway.
B) two networks exist within the human brain, one for emotional and one for analytical processing of stimuli.
C) two networks exist within the human brain, one for deductive reasoning and one for inductive reasoning.
D) analytical and intuitive processing of stimuli arise from a single pathway in the brain.


As adolescents gain experience in making decisions and thinking things through, they:
A) become better at intuitive thinking.
B) no longer use deductive reasoning.
C) always think like scientists.
D) become better at knowing when analysis is needed.

D (415) gut feeling (emotional conclusion)

During middle school, social relationships among students:
A) remain as stable as they were in elementary school.
B) flourish due to the increased number of students.
C) deteriorate due to the increased number of students.
D) become secondary to academics.


Developmentalists agree that adolescents learn best with:
A) few changes in their lives.
B) positive changes in their lives.
C) many exciting changes in their lives.
D) changes that they initiate in their lives.


According to extensive research, the ideal high school size is _______ to _______ students.
A) 100; 300
C) 300; 500
B) 200; 400
D) 400; 600


Contributing to the poor fit between current adolescent needs and the traditional structure of high schools is:
A) large school size.
B) low levels of competition.
C) flexible behavioral demands.
D) high levels of student-adult interaction.


According to Erikson, the ultimate psychosocial goal is identity ______.


Erikson described ______ as the stage where an adolescent has a lack of commitment to any goals or values.

role confusion 434

The process of identity exploration today takes ______ time than it typically did in the twentieth century.

less 434: over the past half-century, major psychological shifts have lengthen the duration of adolescence and made identity achievement more complex.

Karen, who is 15 years old, is repeatedly arguing with her mother about the chores her mother has assigned to her. This type of repeated, ongoing arguing is also known as ______.


Filial devotion (the reciprocal obligations of parents and children) is particularly strong in the Chinese culture and helps to curb ________.

curb adolescent rebellion. Curb= kiem che 438

There is no doubt that a church or temple youth minister can affect a young person’s faith and ________.

identity (435)

For many teenagers, friends become "like ________," and in violent neighborhoods, friends not only defend against attacks but also help each other avoid physical fights.

family (445)

The process of ______ or mentally replaying past experiences, contributes to depression, especially in girls.


The most lethal consequence of adolescent depression is ______.

suicidal ideation

Compared with earlier times in their lives, many adolescents are:
A) happier than they were as children.
B) more carefree than they were as children.
C) less self-confident than they were as children.
D) more focused than they were as children.


An individual’s acceptance of the roles and behaviors that they define as male or female is referred to as:
A) gender identity.
C) heterosexual identity.
B) ethnic identity.
D) foreclosed identity.


Enrique strongly believes that males should always be the ones to ask females out on dates. He believes that if a man accepts an invitation for a date from a girl it makes him a sissy. This is an expression of Enrique’s:
A) sex.
C) sexual orientation.
B) gender identity.
D) gender.


Michelle’s parents were permissive throughout her childhood. Now that Michelle is an adolescent, they are trying to exert control over her. What is likely to be the outcome of this scenario?
A) Michelle will be appreciative of the fact that her parents finally seem concerned about her. B) Michelle is likely to be very independent and have a strong sense of self-esteem.
C) Michelle will likely turn to other adults for support.
D) Michelle is likely to be angry and defiant.

D (443)

Pressure to conform to one’s friends or contemporaries in behavior, dress, and attitude is referred to as:
A) conformance.
C) generation gap.
B) adolescent burden.
D) peer pressure.


Ms. Kincaid, a new high-school math teacher, wants to appreciate her students and the impact of peer influence on a deeper level. A colleague explains that two concepts are helpful in achieving a better understanding:
A) peer selection and peer pressure.
B) peer selection and peer facilitation.
C) peer pressure and peer facilitation.
D) peer support and peer preference.

B (443)

A survey conducted in 2008 found that 0.5 percent of American high school students identified themselves as gay or lesbian, while a survey in Holland found that 8.5 percent of students said that they were attracted to others of their same sex. Which of the following statements is the most likely explanation for this statistical difference?
A) Holland’s culture is much more liberal, so it promotes the development of same-sex relationships.
B) Adolescents in the United States rarely see same-sex relationships so they don’t know what they are.
C) Open same-sex relationships are more culturally accepted in Holland than in the United States.
D) The researchers conducting the surveys probably had a preconceived bias.


Identify the accurate statement regarding suicide in the United States.
A) The rate of suicides in young adolescents ages 10 to 14 is higher than is the rate for older adolescents ages 15 to 19.
B) The suicide rate for adolescents has stayed essentially constant since 1962.
C) More than 2 percent of adolescents ages 15 to 19 committed suicide in 2002.
D) In 2006, the suicide rate for the elderly was more than twice the rate for teenagers.

B (450)

Anna Freud would describe adolescent rebellion and defiance as:
A) signifying a developmental delay.
B) normal. C) problematic.
D) evidence of being stuck in the latency period.

B (452)

An individual who commits crimes during adolescence but stops by the age of 21 is considered a(n):
A) repeat offender.
B) career criminal.
C) life-course-persistent offender.
D) adolescence-limited offender.


When an adolescent suicide is well publicized and seems to make a strong impression on other adolescents in the
community, adults must be particularly sensitive to not sentimentalize the death to prevent ______ suicides.


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