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business intelligence

information containing patterns, relationships, and trends


data _ is the process of obtaining, cleaning, organizing, relating, and cataloging source data

data mining

which of the following is a fundamental category of BI analysis

push publishing

requires the user to request BI results

data warehouse

because of the various problems with operational data, large orgs choose to extract operational data into a


_ records the source, format, assumptions, and constraints and other facts about the data

dirty data

problematic operational data are termed _


_ is the term used to refer to the level of detail represented by the data

purchased operational data often contain missing elements

which of the following is true about operation data

curse of dimensionality

due to a phenomenon called -, the more attributes there are, the easier it is to build a model that fits the sample data but that is worthless as a predictor

data warehouse

a _ takes data from the data manufacturers, cleans and processes the data, and then stores it


a data _ is a data collection, smaller than a data warehouse that addresses a particular component or functional area of the business


which of the following is a basic operation used by reporting tools to produce info from data?


_ analysis is a way of analyzing and ranking customers according to their purchasing patterns

purchasing patterns

RFM analysis is used to analyze and rank customers according to their _


A sales team should attempt to up-sell more expensive products to a customer who has an RFM score of (want lowest)


Ajax score

online analytical processing

OLAP stands for _


the viewer of an OLAP report can change its format. which term implies this capability?


the remarkable characteristic of OLAP reports is that they are _, as they are online and the viewer of the report can change their format

sales region

an OLAP report has measures and dimensions. which of the following is an example of a dimension?

is a characteristic of a measure

which of the following describes a dimension in an olap report?

average cost

which is an example of a measure of an OLAP report?

olap cube

An _ and an OLAP report are the same thing

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