Chap 14 & 15

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A sandbar that completely crosses a bay, sealing it off from the open ocean is a ____.

none of these

The largest daily tidal range is during ____ tide.


The most abundant salt in seawater is ____.


When waves reach shallow water, they are often bent and tend to become parallel to the shore. this process is termed ____.


The zigzag movement of sand grains along a beach is ____.

both caused by obliquely breaking waves and called beach drift

Halite (sodium chloride) is the most abundant salt found in seawater.


The presence of which one of the following would indicate that the land had been uplifted or that sea level had fallen?

elevated marine terrace

Density in seawater is determined by ____.

both temperature and salinity

Because of the Coriolis effect, surface ocean currents are deflected to the ____ of their path of motion in the Northern Hemisphere.


The height, length, and period of a wave depend upon the ____.

all of these

Chesapeake Bay and Delaware Bay are ____.

all of the above

Large estuaries are more common on a(n) ____ coastline.


Because of the Coriolis effect, surface ocean currents are deflected to the ____ of their path of motion in the Southern Hemisphere.


The turbulent water created by breaking waves is called surf.


Which of the following is designed to reduce shoreline erosion?

all of these

Thermoclines in the ocean are best developed at ____.

lower altitudes

An isolated remnant of wave erosion is a ____.

sea stack

The horizontal distance separating successive wave crests is called the wave period.


Fetch refers to ____.

a large expanse of open water over which the wind blows and generates waves.

Waves begin to "feel bottom" when the depth of water is ____.

equal to half the wavelength

A rapid change in density with depth in the ocean called the ____.


A baymouth bar is a manmade feature designed to control wave erosion.


Elevated wave-cut platforms in Southern California are evidence that this coastal area is emergent.


Which one of the following structures is built to protect boats from large breaking waves?


The energy that drives surface ocean currents such as the Gulf Stream come from ____.

prevailing winds

One result of wave refraction is that wave energy is concentrated ____.

on headlands projecting into the water

A ridge of sand projecting into a bay and often having a hooked end is a ____.


Surface ocean circulation is also called thermohaline circulation.


The movement of water within the surf zone that parallels the shore is termed ____.

longshore current

Desalination is currently our most productive and efficient source of fresh water.


Longshore sand transport and longshore currents depend on waves impinging parallel to a shoreline.


A flat, bench-like surface cut in rock along a coast is a ____.

wave-cut platform

Which of the following is a tidal current?

both flood and ebb tide

The rapid change in temperature with depth in the ocean is called the pycnocline.


The total amount of solid material dissolved in water is known as the ____.


Groins are constructed for the purpose of maintaining or widening beaches that are losing sand.


Neap tides occur about the time of the first quarter and third quarter phases of the Moon.


A sand ridge connecting an island to the mainland or to another island is a ____.


Tidal flats are submerged during ebb tide.


When the tide rises, water flows in toward the shore as the ebb tide.


A poleward-moving ocean current is ____.


Although the Sun influences the tides, its effect is considerably less than the effect of the Moon.


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