Challenges of Independence in Asia

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Before gaining independence, the colonies in Indochina were controlled by

France and Britain

Vietnam’s war for independence and division into two countries in 1954 led the United States to send military forces to the region. Why did this take place?

The United States feared the spread of Communism throughout Southeast Asia.

Why did the United States become involved in the Philippines’ affairs?

to fight the Spanish-American War

How did the Dutch set themselves up for an uprising by the people of Indonesia?

They provided too many opportunities for the Indonesians, who used their new skills to demand independence.

In the Philippines, attempted takeovers by Communist rebels

are still an ongoing problem today.

A military group that rules another country by force is

a junta.

Why did the Philippines help the United States fight the Spanish during the Spanish-American War?

It believed that helping would make the United States grant it independence.

After World War II, the Philippines was granted its independence by which nation?

the United States

Since independence, Malaysia has been highly successful in


Which of the following is true about the Philippines post-independence?

It endured government corruption but successfully overcame it.

Which of the following best summarizes the character of Aung San Suu Kyi?

fearless activist who would risk imprisonment for principles

Which of the following nations achieved independence through armed rebellion? Check all that apply.

Cambodia Indonesia Vietnam

____ took power in Cambodia immediately after the Vietnam War.

The Khmer Rouge

Which of the following countries were part of French Indochina? Check all that apply.

Cambodia Laos Vietnam

Which world event sped up independence movements by European colonies in southeast Asia?

the occupation of southeast Asia by Japan

This chart shows the gross domestic product of the Philippines after independence.
What can be inferred about the Philippines?

It was a struggling nation but has achieved economic stability.

Which Indochinese country was under control of a junta for decades?


____ colonized Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos.


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