Challenges in South America

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A junta is defined as

a small group that controls the government.

Which did the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo do? Check all that apply.

campaign for human rights challenge government power fight for truth and democracy

Which best summarizes the role the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo played in ending the Dirty War?

The Mothers played a major role in confronting the government and ending the war.

In what year did Chile become a democracy again?


Which explains how the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo affected Argentina?

They forced the government to hold free elections.

A result of Salvador Allende’s presidency in Chile was

an economic crisis.

In what year were the first free elections held in Argentina?


Following its independence, Brazil first became a


Following the end of military rule, Brazil created

a new constitution.

Read the excerpt from the Brazilian Constitution of 1988.
A member of the Armed Forces . . . is eligible for election to the presidency if the following conditions are met:
• If he has less than ten years of service, he shall have to take leave from military activities. . . .
• If he has more than ten years of service, he shall be discharged of military duties by his superiors . . .

Which best states what the excerpt says about the constitution’s effect on the military?

It has protections to keep the military from taking power again.

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