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Once resource metering is enabled, what PowerShell cmdlet will display resource metering data?

– Measure-VM ServerVM1

What firmware enhances a VM’s hardware environment and removes the 2.2 TB partition limit for the boot volume?

– Unified Extensible Firmware Interface

Select the type of import options that are available in Hyper-V when you import a virtual machine. (Choose all that apply.)

– Register, restore, copy

Select the Integration Services feature that allows the host machine to detect when the VM has locked up or crashed?

– Heartbeat

What service offered by Integration Services enables the copying of files to a running VM "out of band," using the VMBus?

– Guest services

Which PowerShell command will upgrade the VM configuration version to take advantage of the new features in Windows Server 2016?

– Update-VM Version

What value can be used to determine what percentage of assigned processing power can be used by a VM?

– Virtual machine limit

The hypervisor is the software for creating and managing VMs and creating the virtual environment in which a guest OS is installed.

– False

A guest OS is an operating system installed in a VM in the same way that you install an operating system on a physical computer.

– True

When you are connected to a remote server and managing Hyper-V with PowerShell, what addition will be added to the beginning of your prompt?

– [ServerHyperV]

By default, the Administrator role can perform all tasks in Hyper-V on all VMs. What would be an administrators first step if they wished to allow a junior administrator the ability to perform certain tasks in Hyper-V Manager without having broader administrative control?

– Create a new task definition in Authorization Manager

Under what tab can resources from a virtual machine be redirected to the host computer?

– Local Resources

Generation 1 virtual machines can only perform a network boot using IPv4.

– True

Which of the following is a file on the host computer used for temporary memory storage when a sudden surge in memory requirements exceeds the physical amount of memory available?

– Smart paging

Generation 2 VMs must use an ISO file or a network boot to start an installation.

– True

What type of memory allows Hyper-V to adjust the memory allocation for a VM up or down, based on the VM’s actual memory needs, between the minimum and maximum value you specify?

– Dynamic

If you have imported a VM in which the original VM is a member of a domain, which utility must you run on the guest OS before you can make it a member of the same domain as the exported VM?

– Sysprep

A regular session called a "basic session" in Hyper-V, redirects only screen, mouse, and keyboard I/O from the guest to the Virtual Machine Connection console.

– True

The XML file containing the details of a VM’s virtual hardware configuration is stored in what folder by default?

– %systemroot%\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Hyper-V

Where is the smart paging file located on a Windows Server by default?

– C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Hyper-V

Which PowerShell cmdlet can be used to start a virtual machine?

– Start-VM

If a VM is given exclusive access to hardware devices on the host computer, what new Windows Server 2016 feature is being utilized?

– Discrete Device Assignment

What hardware category will allow you to set the boot order on a generation 2 VM?

– Firmware

Emulated drivers provide enhanced drivers for the guest OS and improve performance and functionality for IDE and SCSI storage devices, network interfaces, and mouse and video devices.

– False

Copying a virtual disk creates an new identical VM.

– False

Which of the following is a system memory architecture used in multiprocessor systems that allow processors to efficiently share memory?


What utility should always be used in order to delete checkpoints?

– Hyper v manager

What hardware category will allow you to enable or disable Secure Boot on a generation 2 VM?

– Security

VHD based disks are limited to what size?

– 2tb

When Hyper-V is installed, the Hyper-V Manager console is available in Server Manager’s Tools menu.

– True

How many checkpoints can be created for a single VM?

– 50

What utility can be downloaded for free and will assist you in converting a physical machine to a virtual machine?

– Disk2vhd

Which of the following is not a valid option when configuring automatic start?

– Start saved virtual machine

Checkpoint files utilize what file name extensions? (Choose all that apply.)

– Avhd, avhdx

After a checkpoint has been created for a virtual machine, the checkpoint location for the VM should be changed.

– False

Which of the following choices is not a valid resource pool type?

– Power

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